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Alihan is another “unofficial” member of teamRIPPED due to the current restriction to US and Canada.  Alihan is in the UK, and he’s every bit as passionate as the rest of us.  He’s been 100% plugged in, focused, and he continues to push play every day.  And because of that, he’s continued to get closer and closer to his goal.  Way to go man!  And thanks for spreading the word around the globe that these workouts really work.  Keep it up!

Alihan’s Story =

For as long as I have been working out, I had always struggled to FULLY obtain the ideal body that I had always dreamt of. Just like any young innocent boy starting to work out, I did it to gain the attention of the females, but no matter hard I tried, I could never seem to shed the fat. I felt great and my cardio vascular strength was good, but the only thing that kept pulling me down was the fact that I never had the body to show for it.

In College (which is the American equivalent to the last 2 years of high school) I started working out and trying out different means to acquire the body I had always wanted. I went on diets which just left me worse than I had started, I tried Muay Thai, Swimming, Football and even Taekwondo but the ideal body was still hidden under all that layer of stubborn fat!

I began to realise that just having the mindset to workout in order to gain attention was not enough to fuel my desire to succeed, I had to think bigger than this. I had always loved helping people in the classroom, and in the start of 2012, I had a sudden urge that it was going to be a great year, and after countless failures and set backs, I really took a step back to see what was lacking in my fitness life and that is when everything changed.

After my birthday, I started doing extensive research on the diet and the eating habits of the people all around the world that was in great shape. The more I researched, the more I started to pick up patterns and I thought to myself that “if I do what they do, maybe I just might succeed?”.

I went on YouTube and started looking at different transformations and emailing the people to see what their diets were like and I again realised that a lot of people were using a program called “P90X”. At first I couldn’t believe some of the incredible transformations and that a body that great could be obtainable in 3 months, but I kicked my ego to the curb and gave it a go!

March 2012 was when I began P90X and ever since then, the results kept getting better and better, and now I can say that I am in the best shape of my life (so far!) I saw my abs for the first time in my life, and I never knew that something so great could be obtainable in so little time. I have now gained the confidence that I had always dreamt of having, and that male dominance now resides within me. No longer am I the unhealthy out of shape guy that no one listens to or pays attention to, I am the role model within my community of friends and family, and I have now made it my life long journey to help anyone who is looking to get into shape succeed and reach their goals.

This is just the beginning for me, and there is still lots more to come! Fitness is truly the epitome for success, and I am a strong believer that if you can succeed in the fitness state of life, then any other endeavour of life that you decide to undertake will be very easy! Regain the confidence to be what you want to be and do what you want to do by joining the elite team of Titans here in the UK! Your success is just a click away :)

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