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This is the 2011 installment of our super-popular teamRIPPED Challenge!

And for those of you who were in the 2010 challenge and want to continue your transformation here in the 2011 Challenge, let me know and I’ll bump your pics over here to the 2011 Challenge!

The 2010 Challenge was getting so huge that depending on your internet speed, the hundreds of pictures and the thousands of comments could be bogging you down!

So nothing’s changed.  The 2010 Challenge is still archived and you are more than welcome to check out the awesome 2010 transformations by clicking HERE.

We are just clearing the slate for the Class of 2011!  So get to it!  Send me your pics at, along with a small snipit telling me about you, and I will post you on the 2011 Challenge!

We will all be able to see if you can set your goal, press on, and make your mark in teamRIPPED history!  So if you want to be held accountable and leave yourself no choice but to BRING IT, this is your place! Can you match my transformation?  Can you beat it? PROVE IT! Talk about motivation to push for every rep and stay true to the diet!



The rest of teamRIPPED can check in here and make comments / give encouragement / vote on who they think is Bringing It the best!  See you in the Hall of Fame!

*****Meet our Contestants!!*****

(starting with some of my favorites from the class of 2010):

Michael F

Michael started at P90X at 5’7″, 150, with the goal of maintaining his body weight while converting the extra body fat to pure muscle and getting totally ripped by Bringing It every workout and giving his all to the nutrition and supplements.  He is staying motivated and focused by meditating on the following Scriptures:  1 Cor. 6:19 and Phil 4:13.  Bring it Mike!

Michael Pics from Day 1 (July 5):

Michael Progress Pics (Day 270) Mike shows that you don’t have to stop at Day 90.  You just keep taking it to new X-tremes!!



Paul is THE MAN!!  He’s a motivator, an encourager, and he leads by example.  Need proof … See his transformation and progress pics!

Paul’s Day 1 Pics (8/23/2010):

Paul Day 120.  Good Grief!!! He is RIPPED!!!!:


Chris G

Chris (and his wife Tekoa) both turned in the best P90 Transformations EVER!!!  Yes, you’ll see him in the new P90 Infomercial!  And now just finished P90X, getting even better results!  UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Jeff H

Jeff literally CRUSHED his first round of P90X.  He looks awesome!  But he wants more!!  He is starting Round 2 of P90X Classic with the goal of improving upon the amazing results he got in Round 1.  Wow Jeff!  Bring it!

Jeff’s first round Day 1-90 progression:

Jeff Round 2 progress pics (Day 150):

Tim R

Tim R. is a 46 y.o. former collegiate cheerleader, who graduated at 190 lbs.  He has gained 70 lbs since then and is tired of being tired, and tired of “big guy” comments.  He will be bringing it until he gets back down into the 190’s!  One Round.  Two Rounds.  Whatever it takes.  This is it!

Tim R. Progression from Day 1 / 30 / 60 / 90 (Tim lost 41 lbs in 90 days!!!):


Ron just sent me his Day 1 through Day 150 progress.  This is an amazing transformation!  We need him to put a video together so we can show the world another teamRIPPED stud!!!  Way to go Ron!  Check out how ripped Ron got in 150 days!

Ron Day 1 – Day 150 using P90X:


Kristian has already finished 1 round of P90X Classic (it shows!).  Now he’s starting round 2 with a hybrid including P90X, Insanity, P90X Plus, and 1-on-1’s.  His goal is to maintain his weight while trimming body fat to 6% and getting shredded!

Kristian Day 1 of Round 2:

Kristian progress pics (Week 8 of his hybrid):


John I (“Indo”) totally tore it up with his first Round of P90X!!!  He lost 37 lbs!  Wow!  For Round 2, he did a Doubles Hybrid with Insanity every morning and P90X lifting in the evenings.  Indo is a maniac!  And he’s not done!  He’s still going strong (see the Day 150’s he just sent me for January 2011!):

Mike P

Mike has always been relatively fit and in shape, but he wants to really take it to the next level with P90X.  He started Nov. 1st at 190 lbs and 13% body fat.  He wants to get to 7% body fat, and in the 180 pound range by the time he finishes Round 1.  Bring it Mike!  Get RIPPED!!!

Mike Day 8 (he didn’t take Day 1’s!):

Mike Progress pics (Day 90) — 173 lbs and 9% body fat (this is also day 1 of his Round 2 hybrid:

Sam H

Sam is doing a P90X / P90X Plus / 1-on-1 hybrid, and he’s tearing it up!

Sam Day 1:

Sam progress pics (Day 60):

Robert B

Robert has a history of lifting at the gym, but after not being able to get the results he wanted, he decided to try P90X.  He is seeing awesome results so far, and with the muscle bulk he already had, his final results should  be incredible!

Robert Day 1:

Robert Day 90:



Chris is 19, weighs 212 pounds, and started P90X 11/29/2010.  He isn’t getting much support from those around him, but he knows that teamRIPPED will keep him motivated to reach his goals and get ripped!  Bring it Chris!  Stay plugged in here and keep us posted on your progress.

Chris Day 1:

Chris Progress:

**coming soon**

Chris (aka Gov)

Chris started P90X at 5’9″, 257 on Day 1.  He finished at 225 on Day 90!  Awesome results man!  But he wants to get all the way down to a lean, ripped, 185!  And he plans on another round of P90X (starting now), followed by Insanity.  Keep pushing Gov!

Chris Day 1:


Chris Day 180 (Day 60 of Insanity):


Juan Z.

Juan started Dec. 13, weighing 259 and 26% body fat.  He had made it to week 5 before but quit.  This time failure is not an option!  He has plugged into teamRIPPED for accountability and because he is passionate about getting in shape and having a 6 pack!  He’s made a promise to himself and to God, and we will help keep him on track!  Bring it Juan!

Juan Day 1:

Juan progress (Day 30):

Gerry H.

Gerry started P90X on 12/20/2010, knowing that in 5 months he will leave for the Army.  He wants to be in the best shape of his life, and knows that the accountability of the teamRIPPED challenge will help him Bring It!

Gerry Day 1:

Gerry Progress:

**coming soon**

Curt S

Curt is 5’10”, 207 (Down from 223 earlier in the year by jogging and eating healthy).  As he begins P90X, his goals are to lose body fat and take his fitness to the next level.  He knows he can do it because the Bible tells him so!! (Phil 4:13).  Bring it Curt!  I’m pumped to have you on teamRIPPED!!!

Curt Day 1 Pics:

Curt Day 90!!!  Congrats!  Down 33 lbs in 2010!  Next he’s going to spice things up with a hybrid for 2011!:

Jon S

Jon is 6′ tall and started at 270 lbs in March of this year.  He started P90X and started to see big changes, but didn’t complete the program.  He’s restarting now (9/16/2010), and compared to these Day 1’s from March, his Day 90 pics will be INSANE!!  I know it!  He is counting on us to keep him accountable to stick to it and reach his goals!

Jon Day 1 (270 lbs in March):

Jon Progress pics (After Asylum — Is this the same guy???!!!!):



Debra has seen major progress with her 4 months of Insanity.  She is now ready to do an Insanity & P90X Hybrid  and continue to get ripped!  Look out guys, this girl is BRINGING IT!!

Debra Current Day 1 Pics (starting an Insanity & P90X hybrid):

Debra Progress Pics (Day 80 of her hybrid)


Gerry is 6’3″, 230 lbs (after losing 80 lbs in the last year!  Way to go!!).  He’s an Insanity graduate, looking to take his fitness to the next level with a hybrid P90X workout!

Gerry Day 1:

Gerry progress pics (Day 120):

Chris F

Chris is a 37 year old father of 3.  He starts at 6′, 202 lbs.  He is starting a P90X / Insanity hybrid with a goal to get to 185 lbs and 13-15% body fat by Day 90.  I know you’ll get there Chris.  The only question is will it be by Day 90 … or SOONER!!

Chris Day 1 pics:

Chris progress pics:

****coming soon*******

Derek L

Derek has been doing a hybrid with P90X lifting mixed with distance running for cardio.  He doesn’t have Day 1 pics, but here’s day 83, and he plans on going straight into P90X Classic (with some additional running on the lift days)  for Round 2.  His favorite quote is “Pain iz weakness leaving the body”.  Bring it Derek!

Derek Day 83:

Derek Day 210 (which is also his Day 63 of Insanity!):


Nick L

Nick started P90X to get in shape for his up coming wedding in July 2011.  He started P90X at 207 lbs with 29% body fat and his current weight is 179lbs with 18.2% body fat.  His goal is to get below 10% body fat.  Once he achieves this he will restructure his goals from weighloss to weight gain in the form of muscle.  In round 1 he did P90X solely.  Now in round 2, he has created a hybrid with P90X,P90X+ & Insanity to increase his fat loss goals.

Nick Round 1 Transformation:

Nick Round 2 Progress:

Roger M

Roger is on his second round of P90X.  He lost 25 lbs so far and is now looking to add muscle.  He was a former college athlete and had let his weight and health get out of hand.  Now he’s taking control and getting back into playing shape!

Roger Round 1 (Day 1 and Day 90):

Roger Round 2 Progress (Day 120):

Joshua B

Joshua started Power 90 in Feb 2010, weighing 295 lbs!  By the end of his first round of P90, he had lost 45 lbs!  He then moved on to P90X and by the end of that round he was down to 232 (a total loss of 63 lbs!).  For round 3 he’s doing P90X Plus.  Way to go Joshua!  Keep it up man!

Joshua Day 1 to Day 120 (end of Round 2):

Joshua progress (week 6 of Round 3):

David I

David started P90X on Nov. 1, weighing 238.  His goal is to get into the 190’s and “give his wife back the guy she married”!  We’re with you David!  Bring it!

David Day 1:

David Progress pics:

**coming soon***

Kevin M

Kevin is a BUSY guy (works 50 hrs per week, student, 3 kids, etc.), but he was tired of being out of shape and decided to BRING IT!  He started Sept 1 at 230 lbs and 33% body fat.  His goal is to get ripped and give 100%!

Kevin Day 1:

Kevin progress (Day 30 — MELTING AWAY THE BODY FAT!!! WOW!!):

Rhett B.

Rhett weighed 140 lbs when he got married just 6 years ago, but good cooking and lots of fast food have added 55 lbs to his frame!  He started P90X in December and is dedicated to not just 90 days, but a total lifestyle change!  Way to go Rhett!

Rhett Day 1:

Rhett progress (Day 199):

Ryan B

Ryan is 6’3″, 226.  After graduating college, his exercise habits came to a screeching halt.  He’s ready to take back control of his fitness!  Bring it Ryan!

Ryan Day 1:

Ryan Progress:

**coming soon**

Mike M

Mike just finished Round 1, and is ready to join the teamRIPPED challenge for Round 2.  He lost 20 lbs during Round 1 of P90X, and for Round 2 he will be doing a P90X / Insanity hybrid!

Round 2 Day 1:

Mike Round 2 progress (Day 180) — Where did he get that awesome shirt??:


Miguelangel just started P90X, and his goal is to have results like mine!  I can’t wait to see him make it happen!

Miguelangel Day 1:

Miguelangel Day 90 (Ripped!):

Brandon G.

Brandon just finished his first round of P90X, and now he is going for round 2, a mix of P90X and Insanity.  He started Day 1 at 6’10”, 270, and he hit Day 90 at 226!!

Brandon Day 1:


Brandon Day 120:


BJ started P90X this January, with the goal to get as ripped as possible!  He’s got some muscle under there, so I am looking for some awesome results!!

BJ Day 1:

Josh H.

Josh is 6’3″, 260 lbs.  He is a former OLineman (a man after my own heart), and he is tired of carrying around the extra weight.  He is ready to BRING IT!!

Josh Day 1:

Jonathan B.

Jonathan is 6’1″, 245 as he starts P90X.  He has done it a couple times before without total dedication, but this time it’s a lifestyle commitment!

Jonathan Day 1:


Jonathan Day 30:




Matt is just starting day 1 of P90X and is looking forward to making an awesome transformation!

Matt Day 1:

Kevin S.

Kevin did P90X before and got great results, but then afterward he fell off the wagon and went back to his old self.  Now he’s ready to do it again, but this time he’s doing it permanently!  Go Kevin!

Kevin Day 1:

Kevin Day 30 (down 20 lbs!):

Rudy V.

Rudy is a former athlete and wants to get back in shape.  He started P90X on 1/10/11, at 6’2″, 249.  He is serious about Bringing It!!!

Rudy Day 1:

Rudy Day 30:

Jason W.

Jason is 26 years old, 6’1″, 199 lbs.  He is a type 1 diabetic who has let himself go too long in an unhealthy lifestyle.  As he gets ready for a new baby on the way, he wants to get himself healthy … and ripped while he’s at it!

Jason Day 1:

Justin S.

Justin has been really bringing it!  Check out the progress he’s made in the first 45 days (he’s lost nearly 20 lbs already!):

Justin Day 1:


Justin Day 90:

Brandon L.

Brandon is a former marine and he’s ready to start looking like one again!  He starts Day 1 of P90X weighing 224, but he’s recently weighed as much as 265.  Bring it Brandon!

Brandon Day 1:

Erik M.

Erik started Brining it at the beginning of January, weighing 177 lbs and standing 5’9″.  He can’t wait to see what he can accomplish in 90 days with the support and accountability of the teamRIPPED crew!

Erik Day 1:

Erik Day 120:


Dean just started Power 90, with the goal to move to P90X after 30 days of getting his body ready.  and these are his Day 1 pics.  He’s looking to lose body fat and get ripped.

Dean Day 1:

Matt C.

Matthew is 6′, 152, and wants to get bigger and more cut with P90X.  He is starting 1/31/2011.

Matt Day 1:

Chris M.

Chris started Day 1 of P90X at 233 lbs.  His goal was to lose body fat and get ripped.   I can’t imagine how awesome he will look by day 90!

Chris Day 1:


Chris Day 90:


Edgar started a P90X/Insanity hybrid on 1-30-2011.  He was 6′, 219 lbs on Day 1.  He is committed to giving 100% to the workouts, nutrition, and supplements.  No cheating!!!

Edgar Day 1:


Thadeus started P90X on 1-1-2011.  He had cancer last year, and was ready to get his health back and get in shape.  He’s definitely been bringing it!

Thadeus Day 1:


Thadeus Day 30:

Nathan R.

Nathan is 39 years old, 6’1″, 217 lbs.  His starting body fat is 22%, and his goal is to get below 10%.  He is excited to have teamRIPPED to keep him going as he gets all the way to his goal.

Nathan Day 1:

Nathan Day 30 (making awesome progress!)

Kevin J:

Kevin is 5’11”, 195, with 18% body fat.  He has owned P90X for about a year but never started it.  After not getting the results he is after from going to the gym, he finally jumped in!  Bring it!!!

Kevin Day 1:

Kevin Day 30 (Down 18 lbs already!)

Brian M.

Brian started and stopped P90X about 6 times over the last 3 years, but finally committed himself, plugged in to teamRIPPED for accountability and motivation, and now he’s never looking back!  He finished all 90 days and is now going into Insanity!  And he’s looking GREAT!!!  Way to go Brian!!!

Brian Day 1:


Brian Day 90:


Michael hails from Canada, and when his sister called him fat, that was the last straw!  He’s a college student who has decided that it’s time to set his life on a different course and start getting fit and healthy.  Bring it Michael!

Michael Day 1:

Jason M.

Jason is 6′, and started P90 at 287 lbs!  He got his motivation after not being able to fit in some rides at Disney World.  That was it!  He got down to 255 after P90, then down to 229 after a round of P90X.  Now he’s starting a hybrid with the goal of continuing to drop body fat and get ripped.  Way to go Jason!!!

Jason Day 1 of P90:


Jason progress (starting Hybrid — Round 3):

Chris M.

Chris started 2011 with a goal to get ripped and make a complete lifestyle change, both for himself and to set an example to his daughter.  He’s starting with Power 90, which he started in December 2010.  He hasn’t had a cheat meal, hasn’t missed a workout, and has been blasting it!  After P90, he will do P90X, then go into a hybrid.  He’s in this for the long haul, and I can’t wait to see his progress!

Chris M. Day 1:

Chris Day 64:

Isaac P.

Isaac is a “hardgainer”.  He is 6’3″, and weighs 155 lbs.  He’s been doing P90X and P90X plus for over a year now!  And while it’s been slow going, he’s been adding lean muscle mass.  He looks pretty ripped to me!  He’s stepping up his intensity and fine tuning his nutrition to help him make more progress now that he’s plugged into teamRIPPED, and I’m glad to have him on the team!  Isaac figures that “If you are gunna be a bear …. you might as well be a GRIZZLY!!”

Isaac current pic (Round 5 of the X):

Chris B.

Chris is a former athlete who “let himself go”.  He did the gym membership thing but never made a lifestyle change.  His children are his inspiration to get it done and become a role model for them and others in his community.  Bring it Chris!!!

Chris Day 1:

Chris Day 90 (down from 245 to 205 lbs and 13% body fat!!):

Tom M.

Tom started Insanity weighing 217 lbs, and by day 60 he was down to an even 200.  Now he begins P90X to continue getting ripped.  Way to go Tom!

Tom Day 1:


Tom Day 120 (Day 60 of P90X after completing Insanity):

Crystal A:

Crystal entered the 2010 Challenge with P90X, but didn’t follow through.  This year, she re-upped and started Insanity on Valentine’s Day, determined to get her beachbody  by summer!  Dig Deep Crystal.   You can do it!

Crystal Day 1:

Crystal Day 60 of Insanity (which is also Day 1 of her P90X/Insanity hybrid!):

Cody H.

Cody was in good shape when he started P90X, but had never been ripped, and he would typically workout in the winter but fall off the wagon in the spring.  Not anymore!  He just finished round 1 of P90X and is more motivated than ever to continue living the “Bring It” lifestyle!  Congrats Cody!

Cody Day 1:


Cody Day 90:

Zach D

Zach is a 28 year old Teacher and Coach for Junior High Boys Basketball and Track. Zach and his wife have completed parts of P90X and Insanity in the past but never gave the diet a chance and found excuses to not work out on a regular basis. Zach thuoght he was in shape but that was just a lie. This time there are no excuses and the motivation is 100% there to do the diet and keep hitting play. Looking forward to seeing the results at day 30, 60, and 90. After that I’T WON’T STOP ! !

Zach Day 1:

Zach Day 90 (What a 90 day Transformation!!)

Antonio M.

Antonio (aka Amp) started P90X on Feb 28th, weighing in at 5’10”, 229 lbs, and 29% body fat.  He had an “Aha!” moment when his daughter asked him about the flab on his arms.  He said NO MORE!  He’s ready to get ripped!

Amp Day 1:

Casey B.

Casey is 6’2″, and started at 195 lbs.  He measured himself at 14% body fat.  His goal is to push hard and get ripped!

Casey Day 1:

Casey Day 90!!!:

Lance (Double L):

Lance already has his 90 day results in our Hall of Fame, but as he sends me updated pics of his continued progress, I want to update you all with his progress.  He’s still bringing it and getting more ripped!!

Lance Day 1:


Lance Day 180:

Scott S:

Scott is 41 years old.  He is 5’9″, and 2 years ago was 245 lbs.  Through “starving himself” he got down to 174, but says that he felt horrible and described himself as “skinny fat”.  Now he’s doing the X and LOVING IT!  Way to bring it Scott!

Scott Day 1-90 (What an awesome change!!!):

Scott Day 180:

James Pita

No you aren’t seeing double.  Mike Pita talked his little brother James into joining the challenge!  James has a goal to get ripped like his brother, and he’s making great progress!  See for yourself!

James P. Day 1:


James P. Day 60:

Brandon L

Brandon is 23 years old, and he’s been working out 3x per week for a while now, and he’s realizing that the old routine won’t get him the results he wants.  He is ready to go to the next level with P90X and total commitment!  Bring it!



Brandon Day 1:

Monte R:

Monte had tried P90X last year but didn’t follow the nutrition plan and gained some weight, then quit because he became frustrated.  For 2011, he decided to commit to BOTH the workouts AND nutrition, and it really worked!  Way to go Monte!

Monte Day 1:


Monte Day 120 (after P90X and 30 days of Asylum):

Kane F.

Kane begins his journey at 5’11”, 200 lbs.  His goal is to drop body fat and get to 175.  He describes himself as a non-athlete, but with our support and encouragement he won’t be saying that in 90 days!  Bring it Kane!  Oh, and he also wants to “look sexy for my wife”!  You go man!!

Kane Day 1:

Joshua J:

The way Joshua looked and felt took a real nose dive after getting back surgery.  But he’s been cleared by the doc and is ready to get back into shape for his kids.  Bring it!

Joshua Day 1:


Corinne tried P90X before but stopped after 30 days.  This time, she’s determined to stick with it for her kids and so that she has energy to keep up with them!

Corinne Day 1:

David H.

David is turning 30 soon, and he is ready to get in the best shape he’s ever been in!  Enough being lazy!

David Day 1:

Eric D.

Eric begins P90X at 255 and wants to really melt some body fat.  Bring it Eric!!

Eric Day 1:


John H.

Look what is possible with consistency!!!  John H has become a new person with 8 months of healthy eating and exercise, including P90X and P90X Plus:

Justin I.

Justin is a college student and has already done 2 rounds of Insanity.  He was sidelined with an injury for a while, but is feeling great now and ready to do doubles with P90X and Insanity!  Ahhh, to be young and full of energy!  Bring it Justin!!!

Justin Day 1:

Anthony H.

Anthony is 20 years old, 5’9″, and started at 135.  His goal was to build muscle, and in just his first 30 days I’d say he’s getting it done!  He’s gained 10 lbs and looks GREAT!!  Keep it up man!

Anthony Day 1-30:

Brian M.

Brian is a chef who is always around tasty foods and pastries!  It started catching up with him, and now he’s all in to get disciplined and healthy for his family.  Way to go Brian!

Brian Day 1:


Brian Day 45:



Avidis B.

Avidis is 51, 5’11”, and 194 lbs.  He stays active playing competitive basketball, but he needs to be able to keep up with the younger competition so he’s taking his fitness to a new level with P90X!  Bring it!

Avidis Day 1:

Avidis Day 30:

Bradley W.

Holy Cow!  Brad is a STUD!  He’s a special forces military man, in an undisclosed area for the time being, but boy oh boy has he been bringing it!  He didn’t take Day 1’s (probably because he was too busy saving lives and protecting us from the enemy!), but he took a look in the mirror on Day 45 and realized he’d made a ton of progress with his P90X workouts, so he sent me an update. CHECK HIM OUT!!

Bradley Day 45:

Mark Y.

Good grief!  Mark was a strong guy before, but as he’s stepped up to the P90X challenge, he’s going for SCARY RIPPED!!!  He’s gonna look like Arnold by Day 90.  Remember to tell everyone you are from teamRIPPD, cuz you are gonna have everyone asking you how you did it!  Keep bringing it!

Mark Day 1:


Mark Day 60:

Ted M:

Ted is 44 and has been working at getting in shape for the past year and a half.  Now he’s ready for the accountability of the teamRIPPED challenge to help him finally accomplish his goals.  Bring it Ted!

Ted progress:


Joshua is 21 and didn’t want to the “fat guy” in the group.  He started P90X but didn’t even do the cardio workouts the first month!  As people started noticing his results, he got motivated to really go for it and now he’s bringing it hard!  He’s making great progress now, as he approaches Day 60.

Joshua Day 1:


Joshua Day 60 (almost):

Seth T.

Seth is already ripped after 2 rounds of bringing it!  He enters the challenge using his Day 180 pics as his Day 1’s for the Round 3 goals he has — to gain some muscle mass!  There is no doubt he will BRING IT!  Just look at the guy!

Seth Day 1 (Day 180):

James G.

James is 5’8″, and started his effort to get in shape last July due to Type 2 diabetes and the meds his doctor had him on.  He wanted to get in shape and get off the meds.  He started P90X in December and has gotten down to his goal weight and gotten off the meds!  Mission accomplished!  Now he wants to do a second round to gain muscle and lose body fat.  Keep it up James!

James progress (Day 1, Day 90, Day 107):

James continued progress (Day 180):

Joseph V.

Joseph started P90X as a freshman in college but never stuck with the nutrition.  He decided to take it seriously and has gone through it twice now, and his change from Day 1 to Day 180 Rocks!!  Way to go man!

Joseph Day 1:

Joseph Day 180:

Joseph Progress of Bulking round (6 weeks into it so far and up 7 lbs):

Travis E:

Travis is a 37 y.o. nurse who used to be a college baseball player and has competed in several marathons and triathlons.  He is now ready to use Insanity to get back the cardio condition he used to have.  Dig Deep Travis!

Travis Day 1:

Aaron H:

Aaron is tired of being too big and heavy.  He’s fired up, has already started making big progress with diet and exercise, and now he’s ready to get ripped with Insanity!  Bring it Aaron!

Aaron Day 1:

Aaron Day 90 (after a round of Insanity and 30 days of P90X) — Down 70 lbs!!!!

Israel S.

Israel (“Iz”) starts Insanity at 5’10”, 227.  He is a 42 year old ex-athlete who is ready to get back into form!  Dig deep!

Israel Day 1:

James F:

James just finished ROCKING 63 days of Insanity, and now he’s rolling right into a hybrid of P90X and Insanity.  He lost 27 lbs in his 63 days of Insanity!!

James Day 1:

James Day 63:


Leonahenahe started Insanity May 9th, and she’s “in it to win it”.  She plans on staying committed to Insanity, then moving to Asylum.  Dig Deep girl!!

Day 1:

Kirk Z:

Kirk just started his transformation journey on 5/15, weighing in at 207 and 32% body fat.  He’s looking to change that!!

Kirk Day 1:

Jim D:

Jim just turned 30, and has been on-and-off with P90X for a while.  Now he’s tired of excuses and is ready to make a change for his family!  Jim starts Day 1 at 5’10”, 240 lbs.

Jim Day 1:

Kyle C:

Kyle knew when he started that getting ripped would take time, but he’s willing to put in the effort.  He has come a LONG way so far, and he isn’t going to stop until he gets in the Hall of Fame!  Keep it up Kyle!!

Kyle Day 1:

Kyle Day 180 (at 198 lbs!  That’s down over 80 lbs!!!:


Joey S:

Joey is a former Navy guy, who used to be in great shape.  But without the folks in charge dictating his nutrition and exercise, he’s veered off course.  He’s ready to take charge and get fit again!  Bring it Joey!

Joey Day 1:

Billy R.

Billy has been working extremely hard and staying very dedicated to getting himself back in shape, and the progress is really showing up big time!  Check him out!

Billy Day 1:

Billy Day 60:

Sidney R.

Sidney starts at 225, with a goal of getting down to 185 and getting ripped.  He’s currently doing Insanity, then will move to P90X and then Asylum.  Go get it man!!

Sydney Day 1:

Shaine S.

Shaine is 5’6″, 207, and is tired of being the “fat Dad”!  He is ready to lead his kids by example!  He started P90X June 6th and is ready to turn in some great results!

Shaine Day 1:


David is using Insanity and has a goal of getting ripped using Insanity and P90X.

Davide Day 1:

David Day 150 (doing awesome!):

Conner C:

Conner began at 205 lbs and has gotten down to 155 with a radical improvement in diet.  Now he’s ready to get ripped with P90X.  He’s a “lovin, huggin, runnin, soon to be leanin (Lean Program :P ) vegan!”

Conner Day 1:

Jorge D.

Jorge has done a round of P90X and a round of Insanity, but never followed the nutrition portion.  He now realizes that it makes no sense to bust his rear end doing these workouts and not get max results by neglecting the diet.  He is starting again now and going all in!

Jorge Day 1:

Jeremy G.

Jeremy is a paramedic/firefighter who has caught the passion for P90X.  He’s seeing great progress so far and is in this for life!  He can’t wait to knock out the X and then go for P90X2!

Jeremy Day 1:

Jeremy Day 90:

Matthew R.

Matthew has yo-yo’d ever since high school, peaking at 245.  He’s tried P90X before but didn’t give it his full effort.  This time he’s sick of the yo-yo-ing and ready to give it his all to both the workouts and nutrition!  Bring it Matt!

Matthew Day 1:

Matthew Day 45:

Nico C:

Nico is a 21 year old college student who is ready to make some changes with P90X and Insanity.  He’s ready to stay focused and work on the nutrition to get great results.

Nico Day 1:

Cody S.

Cody is getting married next May and is ready to make a change and get fit.  He’s tried P90X before but didn’t stick with it.  This time he’s committed to plugging in with teamRIPPED and staying accountable.  Bring it!

Cody Day 1:

Derrick I:

Derrick is working on Insanity as we speak, and these are his “before” pics from week 1.  Can’t wait to see how he finishes!

Derrick Day 1:

Derrick Day 63 (finished Insanity at 205 — down 35 lbs in 63 days!! DANG!!):

Jeremy D:

Jeremy recently joined teamRIPPED as he gets ready for his Round 2 (a P90X Insanity hybrid).  But he’s already finished his first round of P90X and is ready for our challenge!

Jeremy Day 1:

Jeremy Day 90:

Josh H.:

Josh is focused and dedicated to getting some awesome results with P90X, and for accountability he’s posting his Day 1’s so that we can see his progress towards his goals of dropping the body fat and getting healthy and ripped!

Josh Day 1:

Jeanna O.

Jeanna has already made some great progress with Turbo Fire, and now she’s working on even more results with Insanity!  Check out the results of her Turbo Fire program:

Jeanna Day 1:

Jeanna End of Turbo Fire / Start of Insanity:

Jordan W:

Jordan is tired!  He’s ready for a change.  He’s 33, 6 feet tall, and 250 lbs.  He wants to be athletic again and knows that P90X will get him there!  Bring it Jordan!

Jordan Day 1:

Joshua G:

Joshua needs to get in shape for deployment to Afghanistan this year, and he’s bringing it with P900X to make that happen.  He is 6’1″, and started at 234.

Joshua Day 1:

Joshua Day 30 (down 14 lbs already!):

Mark J:

Mark started off soft, but used Insanity and P90X to shed the body fat and put on some great muscle mass.   He doesn’t look soft anymore, and he’s still going strong!  Way to go Mark!

Mark Day 1:

Mark Day 150:

Craig T:

Craig is one of our dedicated teamRIPPED members from up north in Canada, and he’s been bringing it for over a year now with awesome results.  Check out where Craig started and where he is now!

Craig Day 1:

Craig progress pics:

Danny H:

Danny is 22 years old, 6’2″, and about 250 lbs.  His goal is to mimic my first round, and get results like mine!  I set the bar high but if you are dedicated, you can do it too!  Bring it man!

Danny Day 1:

Willy H.

Willy has let a sedentary lifestyle get the best of him, and he recently tipped the scales at 245.  He is committed to getting healthy, losing 40 lbs, and is going to be Bringing it with P90X to make it happen!  Go get it Willy!

Willy Day 1:

Chris C:

Chris has been bringing it with P90X for a year now, and he’s excited to join us for some P90X2.  He’s already looking great, but ready to step it up even more!

Chris progress:

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