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Insanity Schedule

Below is a downloadable Worksheet for the Insanity Fit Test, and a Downloadable Insanity Calendar with the order of the workouts for the 63 day program:



If you have the Insanity nutrition guide and want to use it, that’s fine.  But I highly recommend using the P90X nutrition guide if you have it, as it is much more thorough.

I also have an “All-in-One Nutrition” section where you can learn to tailor your own nutrition plan for MAX results with either P90X, Insanity, or a Hybrid, so check that out!

And to create a hybrid incorporating Insanity with other programs like P90X, read these helpful tips and look at my hybrids that I’ve developed and used myself:

Creating a hybrid

Coach Wayne’s Hybrid Workout Schedules

Once you’ve gone through Insanity, you might want to try some Asylum if you’re really crazy!!! :-)