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3 DVD Deluxe Upgrade

Do you already have the base Insanity package?  Are you wishing you had the 3 extra DVD’s that come with the Deluxe package, but don’t want to buy the entire deluxe package?  This is what you need!

Ready to take it to the Max? If you’ve done INSANITY and are ready to take it even further, get ready for: Max Interval Sports Training, designed for elite athletes; and Insane Abs, where you’ll find muscles you never knew you had. Plus get a FREE Upper Body Weighted Workout, where you and Shaun go one on one to work out your entire upper body.

Get 3 more INSANE workouts:

  • MAX Interval Sports Training: Interval workout designed for elite athletes. (55 minutes)
  • Insane Abs: That six-pack was just the beginning. When you do this intense ab routine, you’re going to find muscles you never knew you had. (33 minutes)
  • Upper Body Weighted Workout: Because even Shaun T lifts weights on occasion! Go one on one with Shaun to work your entire upper body—chest, back, arms, and shoulders. (48 minutes)

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My Review of the 3 Deluxe Workouts

The MAX SPORTS INTERVAL workout is FUN!!  It’s 55 minutes of sports related drills (boxing, football, basketball, track, gymnastics).  If you are an athlete, you’ll love this one.  The UPPER BODY WEIGHT TRAINING is so good that I’ve substituted it for one of my resistance days on my Hybrid Workout that I’m currently doing.  This workout mixes weight lifting with some of Shaun T’s famous cardio moves between sets just in case you thought you might get to rest!  The Insane Abs really is INSANE!  It’s over 30 minutes long, and much harder than the Cardio Abs from the base package.  This leaves me hurting!  … In a good way, of course!  The 3 DVD’s that come with the deluxe package are probably my 3 favorite of all Insanity workouts.