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My 3,000 Calorie Diet

I totally nailed the Round 1 diet and lost a ton of body fat.  I’ve discussed that diet extensively.  For Round 2, I changed it up to meet the new goal of gaining muscle and shedding that last bit of extra body fat (while maintaining my body weight at 210 lbs).  If you’ve seen my Day 180 update and “Updated Results Video”, I’d say I nailed it again with the Phase 2 energy booster diet for maintenance!

I want to share with you what my typical 3,000 calorie daily diet looks like (Energy Booster, Maintenance Level):

*Note = the #’s after each item are:  *Calories / Protein / Carbs / Fat

*Note = It is easy to adjust this plan to meet various calorie goals (for instance, instead of eating BOTH jerky and almonds, eat just one.  Adjust the serving sizes on meats and veggies.  Adjust the # of scoops of protein on shakes.  You get the idea)

6:30 AM

Results / Recovery Formula (immediately after my 5:30 AM workout) *220/10/39/2

7:30 AM

Chocolate Reeses Shakeology (see my recipe video) *360/44/24/10

Whole Wheat Toast (2 slices) with Natural Peanut Butter *200/11/23/10

10:00 AM

Whey Protein Powder (Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60 from GNC) – 3 scoops *280/60/7/1

Almonds – 12 ct. *80/3/3/7

12:30 PM

Chicken – 8 oz *200/40/0/2

Whole Wheat Bread – 2 Slices *100/8/20/2

Baby Carrots – 15 count *53/0/12/0

Apple *116/0/30/0

Pure protein bar *180/20/17/4

3:00 PM

Turkey Jerky – 2 oz *160/30/6/1

Almonds – 24 ct. *160/6/6/14

5:00 PM

Chicken – 10 oz *250/50/0/3

Broccoli – 15 clusters *46/3/9/0

Black Beans – 1 cup *220/16/46/1

Wheat Bread – 2 slices *100/8/20/2

7:30 PM

Banana Shake (1 banana and 2 scoops Wheybolic Extreme 60 protein) *307/41/35/1

TOTALS FOR THIS SAMPLE DAY = 3,030 calories / 350 g Protein / 298 g Carbs / 59 g Fat

This is just a sample.  It’s my “Base Eating Plan”, and I default to this plan many days (or at least for many meals unless I make plans otherwise).  If my wife makes fish for dinner, I sub that for the Chicken.  If I want an omelette for breakfast, I sub it for the toast.  I can plug in different veggies.  Etc. Etc.  Once you get in the habit of what your “Base Routine” is, you can get into a very sustainable long-term healthy lifestyle change.  My Base Eating Plan gives you a good idea of how I space out my meals and snacks, how I balance the protein / carbs / fats throughout the day, and hit my goal of 3,000 calories of ALL very healthy food!

Keep Bringing it on the nutrition!  That’s the most important part gang!