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PowerStands (Pro)

Designed and used by celebrity fitness trainer Tony Horton, these premium heavy-duty stands strengthen and sculpt without straining wrists and forearms. (Used with P90X® and Power 90® Master Series)


  • Nonskid circular base is ultrastable
  • Angled to eliminate wrist strain
  • Foam grips eliminate hand strain

My PowerStands Review:

These things are AWESOME! They are very sturdy, with nice THICK handles and foam covering (not skinny foam handles like the store-bought kind), and a non-slip coating under the O-ring base. They are simply perfect for doing the pushups required with P90X and P90X+.

The best thing about them is that I can go super wide on the pushups and not have to worry about them tipping or buckling since they are so sturdy and have that huge balanced base. As a big tall guy (6′4″ and 210) that was a big problem with going wide grip on my store-bought pushup bars. It will take my pushup routine to new levels of intensity and range of motion. You need to try them yourself! They ROCK! Well worth the investment!

Our Price: $39.95