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teamRIPPED T-Shirts

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They are here! The Generation 2 teamRIPPED shirts!

I’ve still got some Gen 1 shirts in limited sizes while they last, but I was ready for a change and wanted to switch it up with a cool new graphic. (SEE BELOW FOR THE INVENTORY AND SIZE AVAILABILITY)

These new Gen 2 shirts come in both MENS and WOMENS sizes (Men’s S, M, L, and XL, and Women’s S, M, and L).

These are my favorite so far. They are a soft cotton … not ultra soft and thin, but not stiff either — a good middle of the road balance between comfort and durability when you workout and go hard in it!

The cut is athletic, so it’s more tapered than your standard run of the mill T Shirt. In the photo, I’m wearing a LARGE (I’m 6’4″, 220). My girls are sporting the WOMENS SMALL in their pic (they are about 5’2″, 90 lbs). My wife is 5’4″, 120, and wears the SMALL as well.

NEW Generation 2 Gray Short Sleeve = $14 (S, M, L, XL)

gen 2 shirt

New Gen 2 Women’s Shirt – $14 (S, M, L)


I was able to get a good price on these by ordering in bulk, so the total cost to you for the shirt plus packaging and shipping (in the U.S.) is $14. If you are in Canada, the shipping is more so I have to charge $18. Sorry to my friends north of the border!

I have a PayPal account that you can use to transfer the funds to me, which will also give you a memo field to indicate your SIZE and your SHIPPING ADDRESS. I can then send you one of our special teamRIPPED shirts! Represent teamRIPPED with pride! You simply have to go to PayPal and indicate that you wish to send money to an e-mail address. Use for the recipient. (see below for full PayPal instructions).

Like I said earlier, I still have some Gen 1 shirts as well until they run out.

Generation 1 Black Sleeveless = $13 (S, M, and XL). I am out of Large.

Generation 1 Charcoal Tri Blend short sleeve = $17 (S, XL, XXL). I am out of Medium and Large.

Generation 1 KIDS T shirt = $12 (Youth S and Youth M).

Using PayPal to pay for your shirt:

1) Log into PayPal (or set up an account — it’s free and easy).

2) Click “Send Money Online”.

3) TO: FROM: your email address

4) AMOUNT: ($14 for the NEW GEN 2 shirt. $13 for GEN 1 sleeveless, $17 for GEN 1 dry-fit T- shirt, $12 for KIDS Tee)

  1. (*Note Canada residents need to add $4 per shirt for the extra shipping charge)

5) PURCHASE: “Goods”

6) Before you click “Send Money”, scroll down and be sure to fill in the message section of the email, indicating STYLE, SIZE, QUANTITY, and your SHIPPING ADDRESS.

7) Click “Send Money”

*I will get an email letting me know you’ve sent the money, and I will promptly send you a shirt / shirts in the requested styles and size(s) to the address you give me!

With all these different shirt styles and sizes, you’d think I was running an apparel company LOL!


Go teamRIPPED!