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P90X Insanity Hybrid Workout Schedule

I’ve done many hybrids, and I get asked all the time about hybrids, so I figured it was time to post some ideas about how to best formulate a pure P90X/Insanity hybrid. At the bottom you can download my, Coach Wayne’s, P90x Insanity Hybrid.

On my first round, I did P90X (with a few substitutions of P90X routines for others).  For round 2, I added Insanity and P90X Plus, as well as some Brazil Butt lift for the wife LOL!  And from there, I started adding even more routines from the 1-on-1’s, so I never formulated a hybrid routine for just P90X and Insanity.

So, if all I had was P90X and Insanity, how would I combine them to get the best hybrid?  Here’s how I would do it:

How to Make the Best P90X Insanity Hybrid

P90x insanity hybridFirst, I’d keep the Month 1 P90X lift days the exact same.  For month 2, I’d keep the Day 1 and 3 lift days the same, but I’d substitute the Insanity Upper Body lifting for Day 5 (as a sub for Legs and Back).  I’d carry that same substitution through the 3rd month.  If you have only the base Insanity package, you won’t have the Upper Body Lift workout from Insanity, so you’ll need to keep the Legs and Back in the rotation every single week (not my favorite option).

For the Abs that are scheduled after each lift day, I would alternate ARX and Cardio Abs to provide variety.

And as for the biggest variable, which cardio workouts would I use and where?  During month 1, I would use the month 1 Insanity workouts (not the Max workouts), and I would keep Plyo X in the rotation as well.  I would use PlyoX for day 2, Pure Cardio for Day 4, and Plyo Cardio Circuit for Day 6.  Now, if you like yoga and want to keep it in the mix, you can do that and only do 2 cardio days, but as for my preference, I’d drop yoga and do more cardio!

For month 2 and 3, I’d transition to the MAX Insanity workouts, and use Max Interval Circuit on Day 2, Max Cardio on Day 4, and Max Plyo on Day 6. If you have the Deluxe edition, you have a 4th option here, Max Sports, that you can rotate in.  You also have the option of doing Insane abs if you want.

And as for which specific Insanity workouts make the best cardio workouts for the hybrid, I’ve selected the ones that use the least amount of pushup exercises, since I don’t particularly want to work the chest and triceps on a cardio day.  The ones I’ve selected are those that keep pushup-type exercises to a minimum.

I would take a rest day on day 7 of each week.  And my recovery weeks would still look like the P90X recovery weeks with Core Synergistics, yoga, etc.  Although if you want to put an Insanity recovery (or Max Recovery) workout into that week, you could definitely do that.

The beauty of a hybrid is that you can do it any way you want.  This P90X / Insanity hybrid that I’ve developed makes a lot of sense if you are just finishing either P90X or Insanity and looking to create a hybrid between the 2 programs.

So here’s what my P90X/Insanity hybrid looks like (Downloadable Spreadsheet):

Download Coach Wayne’s P90X Insanity Hybrid

Download it HERE