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Become a member of teamRIPPED and let me coach you to real results. Joining teamRIPPED is 100% FREE and I never charge for my help. Are you ready?

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Team Beachbody and teamRIPPED have the best programs, equipment, and supplements. From P90X to Body Beast to Shakeology. Start your journey here.

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Looking for a new challenge? I have some of the best Beachbody Hybrid workout schedules around. Get the best lifting, hardest cardio, and a perfect amount of recovery.

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Nothing fires me up more than seeing amazing results. These members of teamRIPPED have been there and done it! See what you can do with me and teamRIPPED.

Welcome to the teamRIPPED Nation!!  If you are looking for XTREME, Maximum, Infomercial-style results, you’ve found the crew to help you get it done! And no, that’s not just a slogan.  No team in all of Team Beachbody has produced more Beachbody Challenge winners with amazing results!  We’re just regular guys and gals with day jobs (I’m an orthodontist), but when we push play we don’t play around!

Coach Wayne Wyatt

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Body Beast and MAX: 30 Hybrid

I recently got asked about how to cut BF and maintain some muscle - with programs that are on the shorter said - well ket's revisit the The...

Shaun T Week! Shaun's on the hunt for results starting Monday, June 12th! It’s sink or sweat during 7 days of the...

Top teamRIPPED Posts

Sometimes it's fun to see where you are going on teamRIPPED. Just to know how I can make sure you are getting the most from me. My goal with TR is...

Fat Shredding Diet Plan

Fat Shredding Diet Plan at 2000 Calories! It is finally here, in an eBook! Pouring over your entries to my little form on nutrition plans, I decided...

P90X and Body Beast Hybrid

Coach Wayne's P90X and Body Beast Hybrid is here! It's been requested and now it's time. The CLASSIC, all-around fitness maker P90X and the muscle...
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Let's Do This!

Need a coach and team that is there for you? Join teamRIPPED and let me coach you to infomercial-worthy results. Get RIPPED with the teamRIPPED Nation!
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Beachbody On Demand

The Netflix of world-class workouts – Beachbody On Demand! BOD is the best deal for getting ripped. Amazing programs streamed to any device. Only $13/month!
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Don’t buy Shakeology because of anything I’m about to tell you in this Shakeology review.  Sales pitches are lame! Base it on the facts!
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Beast UP!

Do you want to add some muscle? Do you love lifting weights? There is no better program to get huge with than Body Beast! #BeastUp

Ron H.

Ron made a name for himself in our original teamRIPPED “Misfit Challenge” group.  Ron’s transformation is one that simply blows me away.  What makes it even better, he is still crushing it!