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Hammer & Chisel

What is The Master’s Hammer and Chisel?

If you’ve ever wanted to craft a defined, visually dramatic physique—the kind of body you’re proud to show off—The Master’s Hammer and Chisel delivers breathtaking, body-changing results in as little as 60 days. Trainers Sagi Kalev and Autumn Calabrese are sought-after experts at sculpting spectacular physiques—and they have shelves of competition prizes to prove it! Now, for the first time, they’re collaborating and sharing their winning strategies with you, so you can finally build a stunning, ripped physique.

There are quite a few options for program packages with Hammer and Chisel! So look over what you need and pick what is best for you! If you are an On Demand Member, your electronic copy will show up in your programs online within a few days.

The complete Hammer & Chisel Program Includes:

14 Awesome Workouts

Autumn’s Portion Plan Container System

Shakeology Shaker Cup

60 Day Calendar

Quick Start Guide

Program and Nutrition Guide

BONUS – Master’s Cardio Workout (only through your coach!)

Package Options

Hammer and Chisel Base Kit – Our Price $89.85

Hammer and Chisel Deluxe Kit – Our Price $179.70

Hammer and Chisel Deluxe Upgrade Kit – Our Price $89.85

Hammer and Chisel Deluxe DVDs Only – Our Price $44.85

Challenge Packs

Hammer and Chisel w/ Shakeology – Our Price $160 (For Dec ’15)

Hammer and Chisel w/ Supplements – Our Price $160 (For Dec ’15)



Email for more info!

Email for more info!