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TJ has been a mainstay of the teamRIPPED community for some time now, and he has taken his fitness to the next level!  I love seeing the payoff from hard work + consistency.  TJ embodies what it really takes to be a beast.  Check out this progress, from his Day 1 –> His results from the Perfection Crew –> Now!

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DANG BRO!!!!  Now that’s an amazing transformation!  Big congrats!  TJ had a goal of making the Hall of Fame.  He definitely earned that!

Some words of wisdom from TJ to you:

“You reap, what you sow” has never been more true for me than when I started to get serious about fitness. I’m getting what I put into it. I have spent many hours pouring over TeamRipped’s website as I found its the best hard truth on how to not just transform my body, but my mindset. I found my “why” and followed it. Coach Wanye has helped me immensely. You can see my questions littered throughout the website asking questions upon questions. But he took time to answer every single one. 

Being 225lbs in high school to now at 159lbs and 8% BF is a testament hard work and doing something I’ve never thought was possible. Sometimes you don’t realize how far you’ve come, until you take a step back with gratitude of where you’re at. 

I tried a few programs like P90X2 to Beast Body and Asylum 1&2. My favorites have been Beast Body and Asylum. Virtually, they all work if I put in the work with Nutrition. Beast Body to me gave me the best bang for my buck.

I never missed a workout. I wake up at 5:30am everyday and no matter what. I’m working out.  

I’m learning that consistency over time is a true test of mastery. 

I’m not done yet. 

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