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Hey teamRIPPED! How was your week? Does yesterday have you down like it does me? :( Bracket busters….

Onto bigger things… Did you apply the PROVEN equation of success? HARD WORK + TIME + CONSISTENCY! It never fails. You put in the work, time, and keep doing it consistently, you will get the results you are after.

Time is the easy one. One way or another, time will pass. No matter what you do, tomorrow will come. It’s the HARD WORK and CONSISTENCY that we have control over. Have you ever struggled with one of these? Is it more of a challenge for you to push yourself HARD or is it more of a problem to stay CONSISTENT? I see a lot of people struggle with both as they break away from their old habits. And is see TONS of people overcome it and become CONSISTENT, HARD WORKERS! 

Be a success story! Decide today that you’ve let enough time pass you by and it’s time to bring it! I am here to come alongside you and show you how to get results. But you have to DECIDE and COMMIT!!!


Did you see this guys results and read his story?! You need to! CHECK IT OUT HERE!

Just DO IT!

I think there is a misconception about me and other people that workout a lot. People tend to think it’s easy for us… That every day we get up pumped to workout! That’s just not the case.

There are many days where I feel really good and want to work out. There are also plenty of days that I just DO IT! Me getting up and getting out to my garage to bring it is more of a matter of my commitment than my excitement. I am committed to my journey and this team. I know that I need to be right there with you. AND I AM! Each and every day. The routine helps and building habits helps, but the drive has to be inside of you.

Don’t think that it is always easy or that I always have great workouts. I don’t. The difference between what I do and where most people fall off the wagon is that I am committed and surrounded by support! Will you have days where you want to stop? Sure thing! But it’s up to you to make it count. Remember WHY you started. Remember WHY your goals are more important than just “not feeling it.” AND JUST DO IT!

You have more support than you will ever know. If you need more, email me! Comment on the site. Get in a teamRIPPED Challenge Group but finally decide to make the commitment for yourself.

Still dragging your feet… you might need to read JUST DO IT!

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