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Ding Ding Ding!!!  LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE…………….

All right teamRIPPED nation — the news you’ve been waiting for is here — the details have been worked out and the Asylum Challenge is now set!

This is going to be a BIG DEAL! Beachbody’s Corporate Offices are backing this challenge, which is between our team and another Beachbody team, Xcellent Fitness.  We started off planning a friendly competition, but in the spirit of Asylum’s Sports Performance / Game Day theme, this has exploded! We are talking features on the Insanity and Asylum Fan pages, infomercial spots for the best Asylum Success Stories from our challenge, and best of all — THE MAN HIMSELF, Shaun T, will serve as JUDGE for our Asylum Challenge!!! (Time to show Shaun T  what teamRIPPED is all about!)

If you thought it was impressive how much exposure we get with our P90X transformations on the Facebook P90X fan page, wait until we show what we’ve got on an even bigger stage, with even bigger stakes!  We are passionate!  We are committed!  We are teamRIPPED!!  And we will CRUSH the competition!!!!!!!

First, the “rules”, and then we’ll talk about what you need to do to be part of it!

The “RULES”:

1)  The “official” start date is May 1st.  You can start a few days early if you get your copy of the program and want to get going. I will start on May 1st, so if you want to go day for day with me, start then.  But that’s not mandatory.  (*Update – I’m going to do a trial run since I have my copy already and go through the first couple weeks to get a feel for it, but then I’ll start again on May 1st to go along with everyone who wants to start together).  The key is that you have to finish on or before the first of June. This will allow a week for you to submit your video clips and story to me, and then a week for me to get a final teamRIPPED video put together with our TOP Success Stories for Shaun T. and Beachbody to see and vote on!  Shaun T. will be deciding the winner on/about June 16, so I need everything sent to me the first week of June.

2)  There is no cap or limit on the number of participants from each team.  If you want to strut your stuff and take this challenge, LET’S DO THIS!!  Just let me know by posting a comment here, or on our Facebook page, that you are in it to win it!  And then keep me updated, either here on this post or on the teamRIPPED Facebook page, so I know who to be watching for!  And keep each other motivated as well!  It’s us vs. them, and teamRIPPED will win!

3)  teamRIPPED and Team Xcellent Fitness will each submit a video, 5 minutes in length, to Beachbody showing how their team DUG DEEP during the 30 days of Asylum.  Y’all know I’m good at putting together videos, and Joel is pretty good too.  So let’s make ours special.  Let me know if you have song ideas and other thoughts that will make ours stand out!

4)  teamRIPPED coach Wayne Wyatt and Team Xcellent Fitness coach Joel Sydanmaa will review all video submissions from their team and select the TOP 10 stories from their team to include in the video.  I will not include myself in the video, so I have 10 slots open for the 10 most worthy Asylum Success Stories.  I will be doing it along with you and tracking my own progress, but this is about YOU GUYS, not me!  I want YOU in front of Shaun T in the video and in front of the world in the infomercial!

5)  The videos will be judged by Shaun T, and the winning team (us!) will be announced!

6)  The folks who make the cut for the team videos (the top 10 from each team) will be contacted by Beachbody and their story will be considered for the Asylum infomercial! Want 15 minutes of fame?  Then go HARD and earn your way into the teamRIPPED TOP 10!  You’ll get a spot in my video, which will be featured on the Insanity and Asylum websites, PLUS you’ll have a shot at the final Asylum infomercial!  I can’t wait to see you guys on the big screen!!  Nobody brings it like us, and we will show the world!!

7)  The winning team will have bragging rights and will get to proudly display the “traveling trophy”!

8)  All teamRIPPED Asylum Challenge participants will be able to buy (at my cost) a T-shirt memorializing the occasion (final design pending, with something like “I earned it” on the back).

Here’s what I need from each of you in the Asylum Challenge:

I will be selecting the TOP 10 stories of what Asylum has done for you.  This doesn’t necessarily have to translate into weight loss, muscle gain, etc.  That can be part of it, but most importantly, since Asylum is about “Sports Performance” I want to know how the 30 days has made you BETTER at what you do in the real world.  Do you play hoops?  Do you wish you could dunk (or grab rim)?  Show me your improvement before and after Asylum.  Do you cycle?  Or run 1/2 marathons?  Or compete in Triathlons?  Or Track and Field?  Or Swim?  Or golf?

Tell me (via video) what you want Asylum to do for you, and chronicle your progress with real world performance.  That’s what’s going to sell others on this product, and that’s what I want to show off in our team video.

So use your video cameras.  Take measurements.  Record your progress.  I need to be wowed by how much of a change you’ve made in 30 days!  So WOW me!!!

Since my video has to be 5 minutes, I have 30 seconds to show your story.  Make it short and sweet on the dialogue segments, but also include video of you performing exercises from Asylum that relate to your goals, as well as your before and after clips of your goals (trying to grab the rim, rock climbing, running a 40, hitting a baseball, etc.)

**Also, since Beachbody is serious about plastering our final videos all over the place, I need everyone who participates and sends me video clips to also send me an emailed copy of their signed RELEASE FORMFORM – Name and Likeness Release BB

(download it by clicking that link, fill it out, and then scan it or take a pic of it and email it back to me at

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