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Last week I got asked to put together an ALL SAGI hybrid. With the release of the Week of Hard Labor, there is a new set of great workouts from Sagi! What better than to mix the new and old into an awesome muscle building hybrid.

Beachbody On Demand – NEEDED

This one really needs BOD. First off, the WOHL workouts are only there. Second, when you area BOD member, you get access to all the programs as well as the DELUXE workouts. I pulled from them all and took my favorites to create this monster of a hybrid. You will hit on:

  • Body Beast
  • Body Beast Tempo
  • Beast UP Workouts
  • Hammer & Chisel
  • A Week of Hard Labor
  • Beast TEMPO

There were so many great workouts and I know this is going to challenge me and everyone that takes it on!

THE ALL SAGI HYBRID – Beachbody on Demand

YELLOW days signify CORE/AB days. Beast Abs, Beast Abs Classic, 10 Minute Ab Hammer, etc are all great picks and keep you ALL SAGI.

As you can see, the first month gets you in better conditioning. Get that heart rate up, start feeling athletic again, and get ready for month 2 and 3.

Month 2 kicks off with TWO leg days a week. Hitting your legs hard and with more volume will not only help their growth but they will work to get you really anabolic for other growth. Word of caution, go slowly and work up to the weights. You can do it, it’s just going to be hard!

Month 3 brings in the awesome TEMPO workouts. They are a SLOW PAIN lol but The pump is unreal. Don’t hang back here, pick the right weights and count it out.

I am pumped (and will be pumped up LOL) to take this on! Beast has been a staple for me and I loved this idea!

Coach Wayne

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