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22 Minute Hard Corps / Body Beast Hybrid is here… Are you ready to #GETSOME and do WHATEVER IT TAKES?!

I loved 22 Minute Hard Corps. I gave you my 22MHC review here. I was really impressed by what Tony could do to me in 22 minutes LOL I loved how it cut body fat and helped me maintain my muscle. If I could add anything, it would be more lifting! I just love to lift and it is great for building muscle and cutting BF. If you haven’t done 22MHC on its own, I would suggest doing that first. It’s an awesome program. But if you are a 22MHC graduate (or soon to be), you will want to check this hybrid out!

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Making my 22 Minute Hard Corps / Body Beast Hybrid

My goal in creating this hybrid was to take what I loved about 22 Minute Hard Corps and weave in some Body Beast lifting workouts. This hybrid has a little more cardio than I typically use but this allows my hybrid to follow more of the 22MHC template. So you will hit cardio 2-3x a week and Core 2x a week.

The lifting workouts I added were the dreaded but so effective Build and Bulk Legs, Build Chest/Tris, Beast Cardio, Lucky 7, and some Arms and Shoulders.

The Bulk Arms and Shoulders come in on the transition/recovery weeks. I love getting a pump and needed them in there! During the phases your whole upper body will get crushed with this hybrid.

Finally, in WEEK 13 I went right by the master Tony’s plan of HELL WEEK! This puts all your training into practice and will require you to dig deep!

Gear for my 22 Minute Hard Corps / Body Beast Hybrid

All you need for my 22 Minute Hard Corps / Body Beast Hybrid is what you would use for Beast (bench, pull up bar, dumbbells, EZ bar, etc) and possibly your 22MHC Sandbag. If you don’t have one, you can sub a dumbbell or medicine ball fairly easily. Your 22MHC workouts with resistance will use lighter DBs and the Beast workouts will take you as heavy as you can go!

Without further ado, let’s check it out!

22-Minute Hard Corps Body Beast Hybrid
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So who’s going to #GETSOME with this Beast of hybrid?

Let me know what you think and if you are taking this on!

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