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Footwear is can be a great piece of equipment that tends to be overlooked. What type of shoes should I wear for P90X, Insanity, X2, or 22MHC? There may not be a perfect choice that will be the clear winner for all people, but here are some things to consider and popular options.

The main point to consider when looking for footwear is all around purpose. First, what will my purpose for the shoe be? Then, what was the shoe designed specifically for? Beachbody programs have so many different workouts and require you to use your feet in many different ways. Plyocide will put different stresses on your footwear and feet than Bulk: Chest will from Body Beast. So knowing what you plan to do with your shoes and what your footwear was designed to do is very important. Traction, lateral support, and cushion are all important characteristics to evaluate when making a footwear selection.

Choices in Footwear

Cross Trainers

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These shoes aren’t specifically designed to just one thing. Did you know they only came out after the success of Bo Jackson (he could do more than one sport, why can’t your shoes)? If you were to buy a pair for training for a half marathon, you’d be disappointed. They also would be a poor choice for someone in a basketball league. They do all things relatively well but not great. With some lateral support, a good heal and sole, and decent weight make them a good choice for P90X. Do you do a variety of work in P90X? You bet! You don’t need a running shoe and cross trainers offer enough lateral support for your once a week PlyoX. After that, your week is mainly lifting. That is why cross trainers work so well. Plenty of support for lifting and the needed cushion for PlyoX. These tend to be my choice in footwear.

For me, I have found the most success with New Balance Cross Trainers. I have big feet and I need a big shoe! A lot of options that other people love don’t work for me since I have a big and wide foot. Around teamRIPPED, a lot of guys and gals have started to use Reebok Nanos for their shoe of choice. These are a CrossFit shoe but other the same style of support as a cross trainer since those shoes have to be able to do a lot of movements. They are very stable in a squat and can still jump and run well.

These seem to be all the rage in workout circles. The footwear that is not really footwear. The idea is to allow your feet to move naturally and freely. They advertise a lower center of gravity and better posture and alignment. A lot of members of teamRIPPED use Vibrams exclusively as their workout footwear of choice. If you have used traditional shoes your entire life, Vibrams will be a big change for your feet and legs. Click here for more Vibram footwear.

There was actually a class action case a couple years ago that Vibram lost about their shoes and claimed benefits… no good! I can still see how they would be find for lifting and most BB programs, but I would be careful in using them in all out plyo workouts. 

*The same can be said for lifting barefoot. BE CAREFUL! Shoes still offer protection to the top of your foot too. You can easily do push ups and pull ups barefooted, but find footwear that works for your cardio and plyo days.

Basketball or Tennis Shoes
Both offer a lot of lateral support because they are designed for sport with a lot of lateral movement. Basketball shoes can be good options for those people that desire more ankle support. And jumping is not an issue in basketball shoes either (what do you think they were designed for?). Both will be nice and springy.

Running Shoes
Maybe not the best choice, but not the worst either. They will offer very little lateral support, but would probably still give enough for P90X. Now if you are incorporating some Insanity or The Asylum, running shoes will probably not fit he bill. For lifting, they would work without any issues. The big draw to running shoes is that you can find very light pairs!

Final Thoughts on Footwear

Whatever you decide to go with, make sure to treat them well. All footwear will degrade over time and won’t offer the same support as when it was new. Walking and standing in any shoe will break down the sole faster. If these are your 22MHC shoes, only use them for 22MHC! Once you wear them out by working out, then you can transition them over to another role. I am sure we all need another pair of lawn mowing shoes! :)

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