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You never know who is watching your example. I know there are always quite a few people that hang in the background of teamRIPPED. They come to the site and read article. They put in the work. They dial in their nutrition. But they never really come out of the shadows.

Tanner fit that bill. If that is what works for you, MORE POWER TO YOU! Know that I am always here to help though. Through email, comments, and even getting you plugged in with a Challenge Group. I can’t tell you how exciting it is to get an email from someone who’s been lurking and see AMAZING RESULTS! Tanner brought it and is now paying it forward by coaching others. You crushed it man! Pumped to have you on teamRIPPED!

Tanner’s story in his own words!

My name is Tanner Truesdell and I’m from Clear Lake, IA. My transformation story all begins my Sophomore year of high school– four years ago. I had started to gain a lot of weight and spending time in the weight room without getting any results really started to irritate me. Now, I’d always been a pretty skinny kid who played sports, but one day I looked in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw; someone who had eaten out far too often and exercised far too little. I knew that I had to change something– and soon. Some of my buddies had done this weird sounding program called P90X and I thought I’d give it a try. When I did day one with them– chest and back— I could barely move my arms the next few days and I knew that this program was the real deal. I finally begged my dad to get me the program and, eventually, he gave in. I remember reading the nutrition guide for hours so that I didn’t miss out on anything important.  I made sure that each and every day I dialed in my nutrition and BROUGHT IT. I also used sites, such as TeamRipped and Sean Callahan’s GetRippedAtHome, to keep me motivated and informed.

Over the past four years I’ve had such a passion for fitness and would often blow off studying and homework just to learn more about nutrition and fitness, which probably wasn’t the best idea at times. Anybody looking for a great way to get into shape should come to Beachbody and take on a challenge by completing a program. So often we see companies promising that some magic pill will make them lose weight. Not Beachbody. They are up front and say that you’ll have to eat right and follow the workouts day in and day out. They don’t say that you MUST use their products, but their products are there to help reach your goals faster and to yield better results.

It’s always been my dream to become a coach and I’m happy that I now have taken my first step. I have my family, friends, and Beachbody to thank for helping me change my life in more ways than on the scale and am looking forward to helping others not only achieve 90 days of success, but a lifetime of it.

I also really want to thank Wayne for all that he’s helped me with. Even though I never got to tell him about my progress or sign up for him as my coach, he helped me more with my fitness through his blog posts than anyone ever could. Thanks Wayne not only for your website’s encouraging posts, but for helping me on the path to inspiring others and encourage them to live the healthy lifestyle that they deserve!
Thanks again Wayne, even though you probably had no idea you were helping me out all along!

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This is what I do. I help people get results and use my experience and the experience of thousands of teamRIPPED members to do it. I have been there and done it! My help costs you $0... NOTHING! So try me. Send me and email or message me on Facebook. I am here to help! All you have to do is sign up below and you will be part of teamRIPPED!

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