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What is up teamRIPPED!? This year hosted another round of Summit. Summit is a yearly BB coach convention. Sadly this year I was not able to attend, but I have some of the news from the event!

LIIFT4 Workout with Joel Freeman LIVE – June 30th at 8 AM PT

Experience the LIIFT4 free sample workout LIVE with Joel Freeman and LIIFT4 cast members. On June 30th at 8 AM Pacific Time, join Joel and several of the LIIFT4 cast members for a LIVE workout of LIIFT4 from Beachbody headquarters in Santa Monica! Anyone can take advantage of this free LIVE workout so encourage your Coaches and customers to share it with everyone they know!

  • Tune into the TBBCoach411 or Beachbody Facebook & Instagram pages.
  • Invite everyone you’ve been talking to about LIIFT4, but who hasn’t committed to the program yet, to help them make the decision to commit.
  • Share with your customers who have committed to the program already to keep them engaged and to prepare for the upcoming VIP Early Access release – July 16th.
  • Joel will react to your comments and answer your questions in real time – you might even get a shout out!
  • Q&A session with Joel to follow after workout

You can actually get going with LIFT4 right now! Check out the link below to see all the deals and bundles.

Check out LIFT4 Today!

Shaun T’s New Program – Transform:20

“Step up to the challenge and radically transform your body and mind with Shaun T’s Transform :20 – a 6 week, 20 minutes-a day fat burning workout to truly start the year off with a transformation – both physical and emotional. Plus, for the first time ever, Shaun T is using a step to scorch fat and transform everything – abs, legs, upper body, glutes – without lifting a single weight. You’re doing the program in real-time with Shaun T and the cast. It’s like taking a new class with Shaun in your own private studio every day for 6 weeks. You won’t want to miss a single day! And in every 20-minute workout, Shaun tests your progress with short challenges so you can track and share your non-scale victories to inspire and engage your Team and customers every single day. Transform :20 offers go on sale December 2018, and get VIP Early Access to the full program starting January 2019.”

New SHIFT SHOP Workouts & Bundles Launching October 2018

“The SHIFT SHOP is relaunching in October with four brand-new workouts to take your “Shift” to a whole new level. You’ll still use the SHIFT SHOP breakthrough “ramp-up” method of increasing your daily workout by 10 minutes every week, but this time we’ve added a Prep Week and new workouts designed to test your speed and strength as you get faster and stronger. There will also be new product bundles available exclusively on New workouts include two 15-minute “Quick Shift” workouts that give you a taste of what’s ahead and two “Proving Grounds” workouts that will replace two routines each week and score you against your starting performance. Plus, Coaches who purchase a SHIFT SHOP bundle will also gain direct access to Chris Downing in the Exclusive Coach Test Group starting early November.”

So there are some new programs on the way – still waiting for Beast 2 LOL but I’m not holding my breath ;)  From what I have seen, Lift4 is legit. I would definitely be checking that out.

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