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From the teamRIPPED Hall of Fame Vault … the best of the best!

Paul is a teamRIPPED Legend! He’s been bringing it FOREVER with me and teamRIPPED. Featured in the original P90X infomercial and then one of the craziest of the Asylum Crazies! At the moment, Paul is tearing it up with the training to be a firefighter and BEAST to work on packing on some real mass (Body Beast is still on sale here for $39.90 if you missed it).

He is also married to a sweet gal, Morgan, who is a fitness phenom in her own right.They just had their first son. So with a new wife, son, demanding job… it can be done if you DO WORK!

Without any further ado ……


Heavily showcased in the Asylum Crazies Challenge video too:

Paul’s Story in his own Words:

“Before P90x I was “SOFT” that’s the best term to describe it! I am 6,2 and my weight ranged from 185 – 200 lbs after college. I worked a busy job where I was putting in close to 65 hours per week, and attempting to attend church activities, well lets just say I put my workouts LAST on my list of things to do! So I tried to change that and went a bought a Gym membership (had to sign a three year contract) but my fitness never changed. I still ate bad food, never tracked my nutrition or what i was putting in my body, I just thought to myself since I’m working out I can eat what ever I want- WRONG! When I went to the Gym I didn’t really know what I was doing, and besides I never liked the fact I had to wait on a certain machine or set of weights that everyone was tyring to use at the same time! So I stopped going to the Gym completely. I watched the same infomercial for P90x at least 20 times before I decided to purchase it. I kept telling myself I need that kind of program where I don’t have to fight over weights with anyone, or have to go anywhere to do it. That was the first step in changing my lifestyle, was deciding to try P90x.

When P90x came I was pumped about the idea I was going to change my body in just 90 days. I already had the end results in mind. I was diving in 100% to this program. I had to change EVERYTHING. My daily routine had to be planned around my workout so it went from being last on my to do list to 1st. Once I had that part down, I had to change my nutrition! I can’t stress to you enough that Nutrition is at least 80% of what this program is about. It makes you crave good food. Not the Junk that we put in our bodies on a daily basis. I believe my nutrition(along with supplements) and the way I fueled my body is the reason my transformation turned out amazing! Plus I had an outstanding support group that I leaned on for motivation and advice when I needed it. My coach never pushed me into becoming a Independent Beach body coach, but half way through my transformation, P90x was all I could talk about with family and friends, so decided to dive in 100% and became a coach … and I’m wanting to help others get the results they want! I just finished my first round of p90x Aug 23-Nov 21. Whats next for me as far as round 2? Im going to continue to do p90x and add other workouts to my routine like Insanity, Tony Horton One -on- One’s, with p90x plus.

1 COR 6:19 is a bible verse that stuck in my head for some time now, and before p90x I was not treating my body like a temple. My faith has grown in the past years and it played a key role in my transformation. When I need a boost or just had a day where I didn’t feel like working out I would do my daily bible read and that would get me fired up because I know I could do it. P90x was the answer to take care of the body that GOD has blessed me with. Remember P90x doesn’t last 90 days – its a lifestyle change!!

P90X workouts are tough! You have to look past how hard they are and just do your best! Tony Horton is an excellent trainer and will keep you motivated during the workouts. All you have to do is keep pushing play everyday! I do my workouts first thing in the morning so I have the rest of my day for other activities, try to plan ahead in case you need to modify your schedule. I attended church retreats and took everything I needed so I would not miss a workout! People thought I was crazy working out at 1 am but I needed to to fit that workout in on that day. My coach’s website had a challenge where everyone could post their progress on their p90 or insanity journey. He wanted everyone to kinda have their own quote, so I always ended every post with “DO WORK”! DO WORK to me means you have to put it all out there, you have to sweat, dig deep and push yourself to the limit! I am not one for excuses so please don’t give me any, I know everyone can succeed if they push hard enough and have the right mindset! The program is laid out there for you, it works, you have to set goals and go after those goals. “DO WORK”



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