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Patience, patience, patience. It’s a virtue. Good things come to those who wait. Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet. Have you heard these before?

Friday’s Weekend Update got me thinking about Summit and Gary V again. I just had to get away and blog about this… I know I have addressed patience and working out in part but I don’t think I have hit it head on.

Impatient People Don’t Win

Let’s get this out of the way. Being an impatient person isn’t going to help you. Being impatient makes people spend too much, makes people get mad and give up, it makes people turn lazy. The only way you can possibly put a positive spin on it is if your “impatience” with the status quo makes you take action. But if you start to get impatient that “things aren’t happening fast enough”… you need to listen up!

Everything Worthwhile Takes TIME and EFFORT

This smacked me upside my head when Gary V said it… none of us know anyone that has accomplished great things without working their tails off for it. Sure, maybe their parents gave them this or that, but SOMEONE WORKED FOR IT!

Think about this with fitness. We can look back and often see the slow slide that got us out of shape. There may be big events that started our fall, but it all happened over time. It took TIME to get out of control.

Then when someone on teamRIPPED starts a program and makes the change to get healthy, it again is going to take TIME and now a lot of EFFORT to do the great thing of getting back in shape. Don’t you dare look at my pics or any of the Before and Afters on teamRIPPED and think that this was easy for me or easy for them. I’m not lucky. They are not lucky. We worked for it!

Too many of you are going to give up way too easily. Things get a little tough and you are out. “I guess it doesn’t work for me.” Bull! You weren’t prepared to do the work. P90X works. Shakeology works. Fat Shredder  works. IF YOU PUT IN THE TIME AND EFFORT!

Prepare to give it not only 3 months, but 6 months, or even a year. That time is nothing! So what if it takes you 6 months to figure out how to track your nutrition. You have to be kidding me, that’s too long when you are adding YEARS to life? That’s too hard when you are fighting off disease? That’s too extreme when you’re changing the trajectory of your entire family? Have some patience and go for a bigger prize than stuffing your face at the next birthday party. Care more about your life and health than being a little different than your unhealthy family or friends.

Sorry for the rant but it is needed. Have some patience and let’s do this!

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