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I got to meet Nick through our big coaching group. Lots of coaches all together, trying to find ways to help more people. He posted his story and results on a #transformationtuesday and I just had to see if I could share them with teamRIPPED! Give it up for Nick! Way to crush it bro!

NICK’s Story

I am NOTHING special… I just finally got sick and tired of my own bullshit excuses.

I don’t think I have done a great job of accurately portraying how much ground I have covered in such a short amount of time by truly committing myself to our programs.

Sure I have shared many transformation photos but none like this that show the bulk of my progress in a short amount of time.

The photo on the left was from March of this year on our FREE Beachbody Cruise. I knew we were going on vacation so this was me in “vacation shape.” Also, I knew I was being photographed with my shirt off so this was me somewhat flexing and sucking in.

This was 4 months of true commitment to shed a lifetime of excuses and failures. During this span, I was nowhere near 100% committed the whole time. In fact between 21DFX and 30 Day Hammer I took about a month and a half off and binged like crazy (Summit). After 22MHC I took a few weeks off and binged like crazy (donuts daily).

The guy on the left was well into his health/fitness journey. He had already been a Coach for a few years. He was known as the “health nut” or the “fitness freak.” He was doing everything yet committed to nothing.

I just want people to understand what is truly possible bc I’m a firm believer that if people did then they would dream bigger. They would set higher goals. They would aim higher. They would go after what they really want instead of just wishing and hoping for it. I know I would have.

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