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The excitement of a new program fades… all the positive self-talk is gone… you’ve done it to this point, but you really think you are at your breaking point. What’s next?


Moments like these are make or break for your progress and (many times) your long-term success. No, some failures won’t define you, but how you respond to them often will. In the face of stress/difficulty/failure, will you throw in the towel or FIGHT FOR IT?

I see two types of people when it comes to these moments – ones that KNOW why they are doing this and ones that thought they did but were never really committed. It may seem intangible until you are there and know this feeling – but I knew there was NO WAY I would cheat on my nutrition plan those first 180 days. As much as I KNEW the sun would rise, my kids would get up, I’d go to work – I know what my commitment meant. I knew I would get my workouts in. I just knew it. No ifs, ands, buts about it!

Have y’all had this feeling about commitments in your life before? That no matter what, you were not going to go back on your word – you’d fight for every inch to honor your commitment (whatever it was)? If you’ve done this is others areas of your life – marriage, church, family, work, etc. you know this is a gritty but empowering feeling. When what drives you to 100% commitment powers your daily actions – you FIGHT FOR IT!

But we don’t have to Fight Alone

I wish this was a post where I could give you 5 easy steps to making your commitment stick. Or 10 ways to not cheat on your diet. Or 5 ab moves to give you washboard abs…

But it comes back to this – Why is changing your life through workouts and nutrition important to you? What is driving you to make this change? AND Will you make a commitment to yourself to see your program through? Not some half-butted commitment like a middle school boy, but a MAN sized / WOMAN sized commitment that means whatever comes – you FIGHT FOR IT!

Even if you are dialed in, committed, and fighting to make this yours – you don’t have to fight alone. At least, if you need someone to back you up, email me – Join me and teamRIPPED on facebook in our Battle Together group.

If you want to show you FIGHT FOR IT, I had a shirt designed up just for this. Let it be a reminder that you are in this fight to win, you are committed, and you will FIGHT FOR IT. Click here to check it out.


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