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Yesterday we started on a what to eat and when discussion, check it out here. I can’t say it enough – the main thing to first worry about is hitting your macros and staying under your calorie totals. That will get you results. What we are talking about here is about getting maximum results and what is optimal.

CARBS: What to Eat and When

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Carbs get a bad rap. It seems like my FB feed is full of keto right now. I don’t need to get into it here, but I am never in support of eating protocols and diets that you can’t do forever. I don’t see keto as a real lifestyle. Carbs aren’t evil, they are your best energy source, and you can eat them and get ripped. LOL now that that is out of the way ;)

I like to space out my carbs – this is a personal preference. I find that whenever I have meals that are almost one macro I get hunger sooner. So I like meals that mix in all the macros.

The one case for timing your carbs would be pre and post workout. If you are cutting, chances are you don’t have many carbs to work into your day. If you do have some extra carbs, a good place to use them is pre-workout. 20-30g of simple carbs pre workout can do a lot for your energy levels and your workout as a whole. Having this boost energy will allow you to push harder and get more down. In the long run, that adds up to more gainz (or better shredding).

Post workout can still be a great place for simple carbs as well. Only if you have them. Save them for post long/intense cardio, but you will see some better recovery. Otherwise, keep a fast digesting protein as your post workout for lifting.

FATS – huh?

Quick rule of thumb on fat timing is this: fats slow down digestion. So with that in mind, I don’t think to go too heavy on fats post workout. I want those carbs and proteins to get in as quick as possible and I don’t want fast slowing it down. Otherwise, I love fats with my meals. They keep you full, taste great, and help with your hormones and brain function. What’s not to love!? So, no real tricks here, just watch them post workout.

Not too bad right?

Right? That isn’t too hard.

All of this is what I have done to be optimal.

What’s your take? What have you done or researched that you think is best? Let me know!

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