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There’s no perfect time. No magically date. DAY 1 – do it now!

Think about it. We all put special weight on various days. New Years comes around and everyone is motivated for a minute to start to try to get fit. In a couple weeks (or a couple days LOL) the romance has faded and you are back to sitting on your butt, eating chips, and watching your 4 episode of who knows what on Netflix. Don’t think New Years, 90 days til your cruise, next Monday, or any other day will magically make it work this time.

TODAY is the only day that matters!

That’s right. Today is all that matters. As the hours pass and the day ends – will you be able to say that you did something for your physical health? Did you workout? Did you eat to your nutrition plan?

Let’s tomorrow worry about itself. What we have right now is a chance to make today count! Not tomorrow, not next week, not after your birthday party. Just today. So, what are you doing about it?

The great thing is once tomorrow comes, you will have this chance again. So don’t put it off! Today is what matters.

Any day is the BEST day to start.

None of us know what tomorrow will bring, so make the most of today! Y’all know for me and this team – that focuses on nutrition and working out. But the determination and dedication will go beyond that. It really causes you to look at your whole time and ask the tough question – am I making the most of my day? For me, it comes down to this – Am I reading my Bible and praying? Am I serving my wife? Am I leading my family well? Am I working hard and being a leader at work? Did I work out? Am I eating well and avoiding the junk?

Then I gauge my daily activities by those questions.

  • Is mindlessly scrolling Facebook helping me do any of that? No? Well, then I need to cut that out!
  • Is talking with my kids over breakfast helping? Yes! Then that is a priority.
  • Is picking up my stuff in the bathroom helping that? Yes, it serves my wife and allows her to focus on her most important things.
  • Is sleeping in helping me? Nope. If I don’t get up to do my Devos and workout, I won’t have time later. Obey the alarm!

As you can see, it’s not hard to pick what will help you when you have clear goals and objectives. It just takes honesty and then the grit to do follow through.

So let me ask you, are you going to make today count?


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