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Halloween is just around the corner… so it’s time to share some tricks and treats MUHAHHA! I shared those treats last week in a FB post (click me here) – but a TON of recipes for the whole family to enjoy. So without making you wait any longer…. some tricks!

Coach Wayne’s 3 TRICKS to get RIPPED (and stay RIPPED)!

BE A BORING EATER – this has been my secret trick ever since I started. The best way I know to make real gainz while cutting and to stay consistent is to be a boring eater.

What do I mean by “boring?”

I mean eating the same thing for most every meal of the day. Get a consistent breakfast, a go to lunch, and maybe make some changes for dinner. This does wonders for cutting and staying on track. When you have a dialed in bfast and lunch, you KNOW exactly what you are getting. Macros and calories become easier. I did this with Shakeo made the same way (extra protein powder, some PB2, and water) and then lots of tuna/lunch meat, carrot, apple lunches for the longest time. I even had the same snacks most days. Anita would change it up for dinner, but I always knew where I was and what macros I had to work with. Keep it simple and keep it RIPPED!

LIFT LIFT LIFT – This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but I never got ripped with just doing cardio. Cardio is a tool to use to help you get ripped but LIFTING is what will really get you ripped. You can burn as much or more calories with lifting and the afterburn effect (elevated calorie burns post workout) last way longer with good, hard lifting.

Second, the muscle you are building and defining takes more to maintain. So your body will need to burn more calories. This is great for a couple reasons. As you cut, you will be eating through that fuel you are putting in your body. As you get towards your goal weight, you will be able to ramp up to higher calories since your muscles will need them! This is awesome for staying ripped – who doesn’t want to eat more?!

(2 Great Programs: P90X – still the classic and the best starting point and Body Beast with a Deficit – both on BOD)

STOP DEMONIZING FOOD (this is that STAY RIPPED part)- I wish I had done this sooner, but when you track – trust the tracking. If you can work in a “treat” and it fits your macros, don’t feel bad. Don’t try to justify it. You are still crushing your goals when you have the macros in your budgets and you eat a properly portioned amount of ice cream. I used to really demonize some foods and fell more into the “clean eating” camp, but not anymore.

Now I live by fact that food is neither good nor evil, it’s just food. It’s often as simple as WHOLE MUCH YOU GONNA EAT that makes all the difference. This has let me really make this a lifestyle. I know that calorie dense food will do to my plans. So I either carefully add them in and track them OR I just avoid them. Sometimes this leads me to more “clean” choices but it’s just cuz I want to eat more volume of food than blow 400 calories on a tiny bit of ice cream.

At the end of the day, if you can’t see yourself eating a certain way for life, I don’t think you have found a sustainable nutrition plan. BUT if you can see how once you’re off your deficit, how you will be able to eat like this or that and keep it in check, you have yourself a winner.

So there you have it, my 3 tricks to get and stay ripped! End of the day, there are really no tricks – it’s tracking and working out – it’s being consistent. But these will help you get ripped and stay RIPPED!

So…. what are your favorite TRICKS to getting ripped?

Coach Wayne

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