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Over the years, I’ve had the awesome opportunity to get personally trained by John Maxwell! I remember a great call from a few years about that focused on INTENTIONALITY. And woah, does it apply to everything! For us, let’s apply just a little of it to fitness.

Be Intentional by Thinking On the Front End

Before you start your day, do you think through your day? I don’t think most people do! How true is that with fitness! Are you recognizing and addressing what you are going to face in the day before you get there? Do you think ahead of time where you will be tempted with nutrition? Have you thought through what might come up to get in the way of your workout? If we think ahead we have the timing right to FIX IN ADVANCE what troubles will be present.

But that’s not automatic. Most people don’t think until something happens that stirs your mind. You don’t think about really being tempted to cheat on your diet until that free pizza at work is right in front of you. Your workout gets skipped because you didn’t take the time to think about what was going on this or that evening. It’s easy to do! But it is also easy to plan ahead and think on the front end of your days.

When you are intentional, you are living with purpose. You have clear goals and you KNOW what you want to accomplish, what you are going to do to accomplish your goal, and you take ACTION!

If your goal is to lose weight and get ripped, what do you do?

1st of you know what you want to do: get ripped! But then we get practical… if I am going to get ripped I have to do something different. I have to take action! So you get your tools. Maybe it’s P90X and Shakeology like it was for me. But you have to have a practical tool to get this job done! So we focus, we have one goal in this example, get ripped! We aren’t getting hung up on anything else. We have to drop BF so we are going to do what it takes to get there. Now, what do you think is next?

ACTION! Big step here. You have to actually do it LOL Seems so simple that you might miss it. If we want to get ripped we have to track our nutrition and bring it in our workouts!  So simple but we often mess this up! We think it will happen overnight. It takes work and you have to be consistent! Are you tracking everything you eat, every day? Are you only working out when you feel like it? No! We bring it 100% of the time!

You do all this and you will get results! You will reach your goals. You will get RIPPED! But look back and see how intentional all those steps were.

  • You goal your goal.
  • You have a practical plan.
  • You FOCUS.
  • You take action.
  • You are CONSISTENT with your action!

How intentional are you with your goals?

So where are you going to be in a month, 3 months, or even a year? Will you start being intentional with your time and efforts? If you need help, you know where to turn! I’m here to build into your transformation. I’ll help you keep you focused, but you have to take action and be consistent!

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