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Healthy weight loss is a great goal! There are so many plans and supplements out there that promise the world but are FAR from healthy. From the thousands of people I have helped lose weight, I can tell you that perspective is one of the keys to healthy weight loss.

Healthy Weight Loss: Perspective

Why would perspective make such a difference in healthy weight loss? It keeps you in check! When you desperately want to lose weight, you will do desperate things.

I constantly see people that buy into promises that I just shake my head at. A lot of the time these people have struggled, so the promise of quick, easy, painless weight loss is really tempting. To the outside person (often me) it’s clear that whatever magical diet or plan is too good to be true. This is where an outside perspective comes in. If you have a group around you that cares about you, they will let you know if what you are thinking about will really produce healthy weight loss.

These groups of people just want the best for you! Their perspective should be trusted. In my case, y’all know that I have been there and done it. I am also passionate about has grown into the teamRIPPED Nation! I love fitness, I love nutrition, and I love helping you. I read and research all the time. Not because I see this as my job, but it’s what I am passionate about and interested in. I would be learning about nutrition, supplements, and exercise even if I never started teamRIPPED!

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Healthy and Sustainable Weight Loss: Slow and Steady

Your weight loss can move quickly and be healthy. But in all, you want to maintain steady and predictable weight loss. You want a LONG view of the future. Like I mentioned above, the HERE and NOW sells but it is almost never as good as it is made to sound or a healthy way to lose weight.

Pick a solid deficit that still fuels you. If you are a bigger guy, you can run a little larger deficit. I did a fairly large deficit my first round and things moved quickly. I then knew I needed to add food back in, and I did for my next rounds. Do you know since my first round I have never gone below 2400 calories again? And a guy my size shouldn’t have to! I can cut comfortably around 2600-2800 if I really want to get shredded (that is actually a pretty big deficit for me). But most of the time I live around 3000 calories.

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Eat real food. I’m not going to tell you that you have to eat this and you can’t eat that. Just eat real food. Prepare the food yourself! Then you know exactly what is going into each one of you meals. You can add in some servings of easy or fast items (whey, protein bars, beef jerky, string cheese, yogurt, etc). Whole foods (unprocessed real food) are just easier to track, are more wholesome, and keep you full longer. You aren’t going to be able to hit your protein numbers on Fat Shredder if you are eating pop tarts and ice cream. If you want a “rule of thumb” to follow: leans meat, lots of veggies, some fruit and healthy fats, and make the meals yourself.

BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF! I can’t stress this enough. I get emails all the time with people that aren’t happy with their progress. The first thing we have to get out of the way is if they are actually being honest and consistently tracking their nutrition. I would say 9 times out of 10, they aren’t. It might not be intentional, but they aren’t tracking honestly. They might leave foods off their log, eye-ball measurements, or have cheat days (thinking they won’t hurt that much). If you are in this to win it, be honest with yourself and stick to your plan 100%.

Need help with Health Weight Loss?

That is what teamRIPPED is here for! No matter your end goal, I would love to help you reach it in a healthy way. We won’t compromise health just to get to silly number on the scale. Health is way more important than any number. You can be perfectly healthy at 180# just like another person can be in great health at 225#! Join teamRIPPED and let’s do this!

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This is what I do. I help people get results and use my experience and the experience of thousands of teamRIPPED members to do it. I have been there and done it! My help costs you $0... NOTHING! So try me. Send me and email or message me on Facebook. I am here to help! All you have to do is sign up below and you will be part of teamRIPPED!

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