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I am finishing up the “Foundation” phase of P90X2 (Phase 1), and I want to pass along some things I’ve learned from this phase.

First, let me address the purpose of the foundation phase.  It’s not designed to give you the same “Pump” that you get from a P90X workout where you are standing flat footed and knocking out set after set of curls.   It’s not designed for mass building.  So what is it for?

Think of your body as a chain, from head to toe.  You may have some strong pecs, biceps, and triceps.  You may have some solid abs, and some built quads.  But those are just links in the chain.  What about the supporting musculature, the accessory ligaments, and the interaction between them?  The foundation phase will make you feel like you are back at square 1 because you will expose weaknesses in your chain and be forced to work on them.

Many will find this frustrating.  I’ve already had people quit on the program because they don’t like having their weaknesses exposed.  It’s hard on our ego to struggle, stumble, and find some of these moves nearly impossible.  But that’s what we NEED if we want to improve our fitness chain.  If we truly want to be able to build strength, balance, muscle, and fitness, we have to get the foundation right.  There is a lot more to fitness and being muscular than being able to do pushups, pullups, and curls.  This is new.  It is different.  And IT WORKS!  But you may not like it a lot at first.  During the foundation phase, you may think you are wasting your time because you aren’t getting the “Pump” that you like from the original P90X.  But once you see what the X2 foundation has done for you in all other areas of your strength work, you will start to really appreciate it.

Another thing I found during these foundation workouts is that the first time through them, I didn’t feel like I got as good of a “workout” as I am used to, because I spent so much of the time trying to execute the moves (and failing LOL).  But as I got better, and as I was able to actually perform the moves with proper form for the full duration of the exercises, the “workout” was INTENSE!  It’s crazy that as I’ve gotten better at the workouts, they have actually gotten HARDER!  I’m completely spent at the end of the workotus, and rubbery from head to toe for half the day afterward.  Those who say these workouts aren’t hard are definitely not doing it right LOL!  These synergistic full body workouts really do the trick, and I’m not even into the more intense strength phase, or much less the final performance phase.

Overall, I’m VERY impressed with the P90X2 foundation phase, and I’m bummed out when I hear people say it’s not working for them because they don’t feel the “pump” or they don’t feel like they are getting a good workout.  Honestly, they just don’t get it.  These workouts are what the most elite athletes in the world are doing, and they will give us phenomenal results if we will buy into the system and follow it.  Too often people just want to do curls and abs all day, thinking that will give them the results they want.  The don’t understand the kinetic chain and how our bodies work.  X2 exposes that chain, makes it stronger, and unleashes the beast within us!

I have said it before and I’ll say it again, I have no doubt that by day 90 of P90X2 I will be in the best shape EVER and have pics to prove it.  I am very confident of that. And I can’t wait to see the 580+ X2Crew members and their results too!  There may be some doubters now, but there will be no doubters then!

Keep bringing it gang!

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