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How is the teamRIPPED Nations doing? One of the coolest things I have been able to witness again this fall has to be the Perfection Crew. This was a group I put together with 1 goal, be PERFECT for 90 days. No missed workouts, no missed meals, no cheat meals/snacks/days, just perfection. As the group has slowly lost members (people get kicked out for any slip up), you can see the results start to build and build! There is momentum there.

What is even better is that people are making strong habits. Changing how you eat is hard when you start, but if you come out of the gate hard and stay committed, it gets easier and easier. You can start right now too! Do you have 5 days of good tracking this week so far? Well don’t mess it up on the weekend! Think how much power you will have when you come into Monday knowing the nutritional choices you made on the weekend pushed you closer to your goals. STOP WORKING AGAINST YOURSELF ON THE WEEKEND!

This week on teamRIPPED

So this week I hit on a couple really good topics. First being the SQUAT and DEADLIFT. If you have done Beast or are thinking of adding barbell movements to your workouts, you really need your form to be locked in to protect your growth and keep you lifting. As you lift more weight, it becomes that much more important!

Next was a post about FIGHTING FOR IT. I just got thinking bout some emails I keep getting. People that are in it to win and really fight for their results and those that seem like they want to fight but then end up giving up. It’s all commitment and the grit to keep your resolve. You can do this teamRIPPED!

Beachbody UK Launch is coming!

We are only 3 little weeks away from the official launch of Team Beachbody in the UK! That means more people will be able to get these awesome programs, Shakeo, the Performance Line, and a lot more. It will also give those people in the UK that want to pay it forward a chance to become Coaches. If you frequent TR and would like to hear more about being a Team Beachbody Coach, email me at and I would love to tell you more.

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I am always just an email, comment, FB message away. There is no reason to do this alone! Plug into the power source of teamRIPPED and me! I love being here to help.

Make it a great weekend teamRIPPED!

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