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Hey teamRIPPED!

How is everyone doing?  Did you like the new “Midweek Motivation” feature this week?  I like having a blog each week dedicated to some visual and mental motivation because those quotes and those images of what I WANT to achieve are the things that keep me pushing forward when I’m most tempted to quit.  I hope you find it helpful as well.

Those are some ripped individuals in that post, huh?  Well, they are all members of teamRIPPED who have been living it out for at least a couple years now.  You don’t get that ripped overnight.  It takes hard work, but ask any one of us and we will tell you it’s SO WORTH IT!  Establishing the daily disciplines that lead to our goals is the key.

I really loved all the quotes I posted in the Midweek Motivation.  They are about pushing yourself forward — refusing to simply “exist” or coast but to be a conqueror!  It’s easy to talk about it.  Everybody TALKS ABOUT IT.  But will you put in the work to make it happen?  Talk is cheap.  Results are where it’s at!


And speaking of someone who stopped talking about it and decided to BE about it, I got a great update from Al this week.  He just finished going through P90X and Insanity.  Check him out!


Al also shared his story with me, which really sheds light on what kept him pushing toward his goals:

I spent most of my day sitting in front of the computer and did no exercise at all. I loved eating those all-you-can-eat buffets, cheese burgers, chicken wings, and enjoyed drinking at least once a week. Nothing too crazy but 5-6 beers each time were the norm.
I’ve gained a LOT of weight in the past few years by doing nothing! And my man boobs (or “moobs”) weren’t getting smaller either.
My cholesterol had always been high (around 230; went up to 304 in 2010!!!) and I did nothing about it and therefore I was afraid to go back to the doctor since. I was always too tired to even playing with my kids and would prefer sitting on my ass and watching TV. My weight shot up to 187 lbs – the heaviest I had been. I freaked out!
I realized that it was time I take it seriously! I needed to have a drastic change! One evening in October 2012, I popped in the first video and started following the routines. I didn’t even have any dumbbells or resistance bands but I was determined to move forward regardless. The first 2 days of the workout was extremely tough because I had hardly done any physical activities prior. I almost puked 15 minutes into the warm-ups. I could barely walk right the first week.
But I was inspired by and learned so much from Coach Wayne. I learned how to eat healthy and understanding what my body really needs. I realized that nutrition will contribute to 80% of the success. I knew that I must change my lifestyle and started eating healthy! I started tracking my workout, recording my weight as well as logging my diet on a daily basis, without fail!
My goals were simple: I wanted to lose fat, lower my weight to 170 lbs, lower my cholesterol and see if I could get ripped. After one round of P90X and Insanity, my weight dropped from 187 lbs to 154 lbs, body fat from 23% to 7%, and waist from 39.5″ to 32″!

Can you relate to Al?  Are you avoiding the doctor, or friends, or activities because you are scared of how unhealthy you are?  Have you chosen to live in denial rather than to face your problem?  You don’t have to live like that!  Do something about it!!!  Take the first step!!  There are thousands of others here at teamRIPPED taking those same steps, so you don’t have to do it alone.  Let me know how I can help!


And 2 favors that I ask:

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Keep bringing it and inspiring others to do the same gang!!

Wayne Wyatt

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 @CoachWayne i saw your superman pics on FB



lol you guys and your superhero shirts.  anyway, what road bike do you use?  can't say i see myself going over 40 mile rides.  i'm about your height and looking to get outside more.  appears i best fit a 61 but just on the fence of what to buy.  thanks for any tips


thanks man!

CoachWayne moderator

 @awaterz My road bike is a Specialized Allez Sport 61 cm.  I'm no cycle guru but it is a good size and sturdy bike for the riding I do.


Hey coach, you think I should buy a food scale to weigh my protein, I've been just pinpointing it. Would it benefit me even further?

CoachWayne moderator

 @JohnTantay Yes! Use a scale for everything. Weigh it all out, count almonds, measure Cheerios, track it all! It's the best way to get the best results. 


Hey coach! I'm planning on doing Body Beast this summer. How should I go about it nutritionally to build lean muscle? If my maitnence level is 2500 calories, how many calories should I be eating to bulk? And what's the protein/carbs/fat ratio?

CoachWayne moderator

Bryan, Body Beast has a full nutrition guide. It's really solid. I'd recommend using that. 

mike cast
mike cast

hey Cw. 

question for you,,,  i got many family members on board with our healthy living... little concerned with my brother,,,  he was always an athlete,,  a big muscular guy, 43 yrs old,,, 6 4, started at 228,,,    he has been mixing workouts (he always did traditional lifting)  .  i got him on MFP,, only problem, he is obsessed with calories not macros,,,  he is eating 1900 cals, and has gotten down to 205,   i actually think he looks better at like 210 215, lbs,, i keep explaining to him, that he will lose a lot of muscle and hence even get flabby,,,  he is only tracking calories,, his protein on some days is less than 100grams,, which is ridiculous for a guy  his size,,, im 195 and im eating 240+ grams of protein a day....   anything else i can do to approach this,,,?

will he gain all weight back??   any advice...? 

CoachWayne moderator

Mike, he won't gain anything back if he keeps his calories in line, but you are right, his over all body composition is probably suffering because of the low protein. All you can do is keep talking with him. 


Coach is popcorn made from scratch a health snack?

CoachWayne moderator

 @richardbaffor It's a fine snack if you have the carbs and don't load it up with butter. Use an air popper and you are all set. 

Darkhand44 like.author.displayName 1 Like

 @CoachWayne  @richardbaffor I started with homemade popcorn a while ago and found that you can use a lot less of anything than the bag popcorn to get the taste right.  

Greg m
Greg m like.author.displayName 1 Like

Really awesome job, Al!

Pete_45_UK like.author.displayName 1 Like

Wow you look like a completely different person . Awsome achievement !

Keep up the good work !

Coach Al
Coach Al like.author.displayName 1 Like

 @Pete_45_UK Thanks man.. my wife said I look like when I was in high school :)

Pete_45_UK like.author.displayName 1 Like

 @Coach Al

 HaHa excellent ! your a great example and im sure you'll inspire lots of people

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