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As I announced Friday, I have a new challenge group starting up this week! The SUMMER OF ABS Challenge! Can I be honest with you, losing weight and getting ripped was my goal when I started P90X. For a lot of teamRIPPED, I know it was their goal too. Sure it’s a little vain, but I think it is ok. If having the goal of 6 pack abs is what drives you to change how you eat, if it makes you workout 5-6 times a week, and if it makes you choose good habits over bad… I’m all for it!

So this is my challenge – LET’S GET RIPPED! Let’s get those abs! Let’s go all in and have infomercial-worthy results! I can promise you, if you do this – track every meal, hit your macros, workout hard, lift hard, drink your water, and get good sleep… you will be transformed!

The SOA Challenge Details

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When? – Starts Monday, March 6th to Jun 4th

Who? – Members of teamRIPPED and TR Coaches + their teams!

Join teamRIPPED – Make Me Your Coach (always FREE)

What programs? – Any 90 DAY Beachbody program or Hybrid. We need a plan for the full 90 days.

Cost? – NADA! – I would recommend looking at Beachbody On Demand if you want to do a mega hybrid or even just get a new program to use. The Annual Pass is still for sale in February for $99 and give you a whole year of BOD with all the programs and all new programs as they drop this year.


Where? – FACEBOOK! We will be plugging in daily – tracking calories – hitting workouts – and getting ripped!

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Nutrition for SOA

We are going to track our meals and hit some serious deficits to get this done. I need your goal to be cutting. So no surplus people in here. We aren’t concerned with adding mass as much as we are about cutting BF and uncovering our muscle. So I will work with you set up the proper goals. Here are 4 steps to start and follow.

Step 1: Calorie Target and Macros

Getting ripped means setting up a deficit. That means you will eat fewer calories than your body needs to maintain its weight. That will cause fat loss and weight loss. Click here for a CALORIE CALCULATOR to help you find that number. If you have 30+ lbs to lose, then set up a 1,00 calorie deficit. I will recommend Fat Shredder or the BEAST Phase macros:

Fat Shredder: 50% protein, 30% carbs, 20% fat

BEAST Cutting: 40% protein, 30% carbs, 30% fat

Step 2: Get Ready To TRACK

Tracking what you eat is the BEST way to get the GREATEST results. It’s the most accurate and consistent. I won’t go too deep here, but basically, you will be tracking your calories for certain macros (protein/carb/fat) to make sure you fuel your body and eat the right things.

I recommend MyFitnessPal or if you have an iPhone MyMacros+. Both are great tools. MM+ just has a one-time fee to buy the app, but it is really good.

MyFitnessPal Set Up

Step 3: Start with Meal Plans to Get Ideas

I have some great meal plans for starting points. This will give you some recipe ideas, show you how to track, and set you up for success.

2000 Calorie Cutting Plan

2400 Calorie Meal Plan

Ladies Cutting Meal Plan

That will get you set up! By all means, email me, FB message me, and let’s make sure you on the road to RIPPED!

Accountability for SOA

In the past, I have used Google Forms to collect accountability data. We are going to do that again. For the SOA Challenge, we are going to do this once a week, on FRIDAYS. There will be a form to fill out. To let me know how you did over the week and set your mind right for the weekend. I want you to get ripped for this summer! That is my #1 goal. So I will be holding your feet to the fire. I will be posting a sample form in the FB group, so look out for it.


I am fired up about this! If you have questions, let me hear em. But better than that, just get in there and get ripped with me!

Coach Wayne!

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