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les mills pump review
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Les Mills Pump Review — Get ready for a rocking time!

Les Mills Pump is a BLAST!  It’s been a while but I really love this workout. I wanted to re-post my review as Beachbody has some GREAT deals on Les Mills Pump Challenge Packs this month (And Les Mills Combat too).  This is still one of the most fun workouts I’ve ever done.

For March of 2014, the Les Mills Pump Challenge Pack is only $180! That is a $140 savings!!! Not only that, but all the PUMP gear and equipment is on sale as well. For more info, check out: Les Mills Pump CP or Les Mills Combat CP ($140 – $70 off)

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I had originally got Les Mills Pump for myself and my wife, and we have gone through all of the workouts that come in both the Pump Base Kit as well as the Deluxe bonus workouts from the Bonus kit.  And I want to give you my Les Mills Pump Review!

Les Mills Pump Review — overview

I was really impressed with the quality of these workouts.  The shorter workouts (which they have you start off with during the first month) come off as being too easy for me.  The moves are good compound moves that burn a lot of calories, but it’s a bit short for my liking (the first few workouts are in the 30 minute range).

Les Mills Pump Review — It really ramps up!

The Month 2 and 3 workouts are awesome though!  There are 3 lift circuits that are all between 45 min and 55 min, and they worked me over!  I loved it.  As I write this Les Mills Pump Review, I’ve got to say, these long, intense workouts are my favorite of the whole kit.  They will rock you!

My wife, who has been doing Chalean Extreme for nearly a year now, has really fallen in love with Pump as well.  I didn’t think she could ever love a workout as much as she’s loved Chalean Extreme, but this is her new favorite.

Les Mills Pump Review — What makes it so fun?

We like the non-stop exercising at a high intensity.  We also enjoy the atmosphere (fun songs from the 80’s, 90’s and lively trainers who take turns leading the exercises so that you see constant variety).  If you like working out to a cast of beautiful people with Australian accents and high energy music, I can’t think of anything better than Pump :-).  PUMP will definitely make you WANT to push play!

Les Mills Pump Review — The Workouts

Most Pump workouts are resistance based.  With the deluxe kit, you get 2 cardio workouts and a plyo step.  The “Step” cardio workout was really good (I burned over 700 cals in just 30 minutes!).  The “Combat” was more like a Kenpo-type workout, and I’m not a big fan of kenpo style workouts so I didn’t enjoy that one as much.  The abs/core workout is also fair in my opinion.  I prefer some of the other ab workouts I’ve done.  The money workouts in this program (in my opinion) are the longer lift workouts (3 of them) and the step cardio workout.

Les Mills Pump Review — Using it with Insanity

Where I see a real sweet spot for Pump in your workout lineup is to use in a hybrid with Insanity.  Insanity has the most intense cardio workouts on DVD, but it’s missing resistance training.  Pump gives you the resistance training, but it’s “Insanity-style” resistance with no breaks, tons of reps, and tons of calorie burn.  You can do the straight 90 day Pump calendar, but I suspect most people will want to use it in a hybrid with a cardio program like Insanity or Turbo Fire.

Les Mills Pump Review — Very adaptable to your fitness level

Pump is highly adaptable to your fitness level.  A newbie can spend time with the shorter workouts and get their fitness level up, burn calories, and have a blast.  Those who are already in good shape can move to the longer workouts and really push themselves.  Since it’s a barbell / weight based workout, you can make it as hard as you want by adding weight to the exercises.  I could literally do this workout next to my mom (who’s 66) and we could both get an awesome workout at the same time simply by the amount of resistance we are using to do the exercises.  That’s a really cool feature of this program.

Les Mills Pump Review — The Equipment / Weights

When my wife and I workout together, I let her have the nice set of weights that came with the Pump kit, and I use an old metal curl bar that we had in the attic. The amount of weights that come with the kit are plenty for all the exercises she does.

For me, I add some extra weight.  I’d recommend to anyone wanting to get an extra set of weights, or some heavier plates to add resistance, to look on Craig’s list or go to their sporting goods store.  I have found that with a curl bar, some 20# plates and 10# plates, I can get all the workout I can handle.  The Pump kit doesn’t come with 20# plates of it’s own, but those big strong guys who want the extra weight can get some plates to add to their set.   They are standard 1″ diameter (not the Olympic size 2″ diameter).

Les Mills Pump Review — The “Rep Effect”

Pump is a great new program.  With the “Rep Effect” of using weights at super high repetitions, you will not only burn a ton of calories and melt fat in a hurry, but you will strengthen and tone your muscles so that you get that ripped look you want, and not just get smaller like you would with an all-cardio program.

Learn more about the kit options and specifics here = LES MILLS PUMP

I hope this Les Mills PUMP Review was helpful.  Now get out there and get that body you’ve always wanted.  And have fun doing it!

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