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The P90X Schedule

Is your P90X calendar old, worn-out, or covered in X marks from previous rounds, etc.?  If you would like to download a fresh new copy of the P90X Schedule, here it is:


But now the $64,000 question (us old folks know what that means LOL) …

Should you do Classic, Lean, or Doubles?  I get that question all the time, and I’ve never written a full article about it because the answer is so clear to me …. CLASSIC!

Always do Classic!

Do you want to lose body fat? Do CLASSIC, not lean!  You’ll build more muscle, and muscle burns fat.

Do you want to build muscle? Do CLASSIC!  It’s designed to build muscle.

Do you want to shed body fat faster? Do CLASSIC, not doubles!  Just dial in your nutrition better to lose the body fat faster.

In fact, it is my contention that you will probably do better overall with only one workout per day that you can give your all for, rather than simply adding more exercise and running your body down. Are there exceptions?  Sure!  Some young folks can do 2 workouts per day and feel great.  If that’s you, and you have the time for doubles, go for it!  Doubles would take a toll on my joints if I tried to maintain it for very long, so I prefer 1 workout per day and very dialed in nutrition and supplements to maximize my results from that workout.

So my answer is clear, and it’s always the same when I get asked.  Do CLASSIC!  After a round of Classic P90X, it’s fun to increase the intensity by subbing Insanity cardio for the P90X cardio, but I still recommend waiting to do a hybrid until you’ve got 1 round under your belt.

If you are looking to do a hybrid, you can make your very own or use one of mine, which I’ve done over the past several rounds:

Creating a hybrid

Coach Wayne’s Hybrid Workout Schedules

And what if you are half-way through a round of LEAN because your goal was to lose body fat?  I say switch to CLASSIC!  The difference is that extra lift day (you only do 2 lift days with LEAN).  You’d be surprised that you’ll burn just as many calories with the lifting as you do with the cardio since the lifting is circuit style with very little rest.  Make the switch and keep on trucking!

You can never go wrong with P90X Classic!  And once you’ve mastered that, you will love adding the variety and intensity of a hybrid with Insanity cardio.  Or maybe even some Asylum if you’re really crazy!!! :-)